• samz

    Pahle jo previous offering hain, un ki quality tou better kar leen, bus product laate jaao, phir beechne kah baad who cares!!

    • M. Hussain

      PTCL after sales service is really pathetic. They have no sense to retain the customers, perhaps they dont believe in customer loyalty. They are just focusing on selling products not focusing on quality maintenance. An example is waiting for a long time on complaint service, EVO service.

  • Did you know that if you have PTCL ONU (Fiber optic) line, then the line dies out every now and then because of load shedding (ONU battery backup dies)?

    I have ONU and it is an absolute pain in the neck!

    I think they should first focus on the existing facilities instead of just adding and adding new facilities in the existing infrastructure!

  • waqas

    IPTV is not avialable in ONU Optic fibre . is aviable now ?

  • Adeel

    This is bullshit! How can they offer 4 things on a single low-quality copper phone line??? My 1 Mbps DSL (by PTCL) drops connection at least 20 times a day and they are talking about all this??? What sort of sentry is this which is expected to stay offline for as much as several hours a day?? I think it will be cheaper and more effective to hire a few (trusted) real-life security guards!!!

    Include the steep initial cost of the equipment and this is a totally useless deal for most home users.

    First they should learn how to provide reasonable quality double-play (phone + DSL) and then start to think about triple and quadruple plays !

    • Ali Mirza


  • PTCL is a bullshit as they have recently announced EVO in more cities and when we try to catch this then ptcl office incharge says that it will take one more month to start, now look what was the need to announce it when it is still in process.

  • Fahad

    Acually PTCL is have tried

    Single Play on users didn’t worked
    Then Double Play On users Didn’t worked
    Now They are trying Their Tripel and Final Play on users
    Lets see who plays on Whom

  • ROFL! That was funny!

  • gulls

    ptcl ki iptv service kamal hai dostoo,,,mjy smart tv use karta karrta month ho gya,,,zaberdast hai,,,isska koi mukabala nai,,,,,,,,maina 1mb student package paa smart tv lagwaya huwa hai,,and it work gr88

  • I absolutely agree with samz. I got ptcl broadband last year, service was worst. even its impossible to get rid of them without paying thousands for nothing.

  • samule

    where the hell is the 8 mb free upgrade promise? hate when ptcl lyes

  • Etisalat UAE is already practising the same package (http://bit.ly/bqNfIh), but the service is only available to fibe optics ready residential buildings , i hope Etisalat Pakistan (PTCL) trying to implement the same in Pakistan. (its a good thing need to appreciate, but need to change the wiring network) Some area of Karachi is already been optical where WorldCall is operating its own services, rest alot need to be done!

    For basic testing purpose, i guess its good, at least they are trying there BEST! appreciate some!