• Thnx Aamir bhai that really helps.

  • Thanks Aamir. Nice and simple explanation. Unfortunately I was having a lot of problems with my VPS provider which eventually lead to to switch to a better company. I was forced to move everything a couple of different times over the week or so. :)

  • How the hell this link is appearing on Google News Home Page under scientific category. This is no news…this is just an article like millions out there…SEO, a poor algorithm of news collection from google or what?

  • SalmanAbbas007

    Good Post. Thanks ;)

  • Thanx,nice sharing

  • Rameez Kakakhel

    “You may need to CHMOD 777 to wp-content/uploads/”
    chmod 777 … ???
    kuch zyada nahi ho gaya? :P

    • admin


      • Rameez Kakakhel

        I mean over-permissions..?
        Am sorry i just flied through the article if I mis-read something but isn’t it granting Full permissions to Everyone?
        AM not familiar with webhosting but giving 777 rights could be dangerous..? why not 770?

        • admin

          webserver writes into this folder, hence 777 is required. This is a public folder in wordpress installation and stores attachments and files that appear in posts.

          • Rameez Kakakhel

            yeah i got a little idea of the nature of the directory by it’s name & location, hence got a little worried abt the 777 rights.
            Anyways, thanks for the clarification :) will look into it someday but let’s hope I never have to :p
            p.s is the directory on PP also 777’ed? :p just kidding…

            • I good way to transfer files is that simply zip the public_html folder and transfer it using wget or anything like this then unzip it on the new server it will not take more than 5 mins

  • Very nice article, i had to move a big site though it was not a blog but a forum, but i had to read a lots of articles to move.
    Thanks for the article.
    I guess propakitani.pk moved to a better server recently. Is it so?

  • Now then if you see new hosting provider and existing hosting provider free transfer from one host to another with any hosting package that your purchase with them. This will ease the time taken for us to migrate to new server.

  • ali

    bahi jan koi wordpress ka theme hi suggest ker do ya apnay theme ka name bata do :) search engine friendly or clear ho ?

    • omair

      Aamir bahi please koi acha seo k hisab sai wordpress ka simple theme bata do suggest ker do ,,,, koi direct link hi dina bahi ,,, siyasi biyan na dai dina :)

      • every theme have SEO. but you need better keywords, description and contents.

  • @omair You should go for Bluesense Google is down.

  • u said big wordpress blogs hosted on VPS..cant try this method for smaller blogs that are not on VPS and needs to be shifted on VPS
    Pls suggest

    • admin

      no, coz you won’t have root access with a shared hosting

  • very nice tutorial

  • thnxs :-) its really nice…. :-) thnxs again

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  • Nice one