• Sam

    This is like telling people how to open a box and then taking credit for it.

    • Yes .. Overall It is a useless post.

      • abc

        ^^ ditto. useless post

    • Random User

      Well… Obviously it would be useless for you guys because you don’t have those gadgets. It’s better for you to ignore the post if it is not of your interest rather than claiming it useless!

  • Impresive Tanweer

    I want to have one while I’m not having any Iphone or OS X Lion :(
    Hi, let me know if I can also share news articles, I’d sent one on your given email address at Guest Writing but haven’t got any reply yet.

  • Considering you have to purchase a mac or an idevice, It is not free. May be title needs correction.

    • Shahid Saleem

      You can take scenic pictures of Kagan for free. Unfortunately you need a camera and need to drive to Kagan somehow, which is not free. But you *can* take the pictures without paying anyone, so it’s free.

      Got it?

      • No.

        • Shahid Saleem

          You posted your comment for free, didn’t you?

          Oh wait, you needed a computer to post that. Not free. And an internet link. Not free. And an education. Not free.

          Still don’t get it? Go play in traffic.

  • why is this

  • How???

  • Useful post. not everyone now this

  • Nanna Rahi u ri8 itz n0t free

  • Useless post, if you own any smartphone then you must have known this otherwise throw your device :-p

  • I don’t get it. If you already own an iOS or Mac, then you probably already have an @me address. If not then you definitely don’t deserve a smartphone. Pretty useless post.

  • Abdul

    I actually found it useful. I had never opted to sync iCloud email (previously only contacts,calendar), so I didn’t know if I could get a me.com email. Googling led me to this site, which wonderfully explained the steps.

  • azez

    if am not using either of the two ways
    haw can i get am e mail on @me.com

  • Swami

    If you don’t have these devices, you’re not worthy of living in this world.