• Anas

    This offer is for unmetered calls ufone to ufone numbers only. Please correct it

    • Askani

      Which network gives unlimited calls for all networks for such low price??????

  • Promotion will expire on December 10th, 2012.

    :( :( :D

  • waqar


  • in 2000 roti=1rp nd call=10 per mnt
    in 2012 roti=10 and call=1 rp se bhi kam. geo pakistan. jisdin hum bhooky mar jainge per hamarai jaib me mobile zror hoga…

    • Rizwan

      Bro yahi waja ha k in telecom companies nay is country k logon ko nakara bana deya ha, in becharon k pas time he kahan hota ha k wo kuch apni family k liay ya apny liay kuch kama saken,

      • maliha

        yar meri sim py buht sy pkg on hen ab mere rozana paisy lgty hen un sub ko khatam krne k liye kia dial krun k sb pkg khatam ho jaen

        • Please dial 15 :-P

        • badtamiz

          helpline pe call kr k packages khatam karwa lo simple

          • Abid

            Good idea!!!!

        • fiq

          dial 333 and put ur fone in a water bowl for 2 minute,sab khatam ho jayenge

  • Muhammad Anas Zafar

    Actually, This is a move by U-fone to make its customer fool who are currently enjoying low call rates on Ufone others package like 30 Second Package, Ufone wants them to faal in trap for this offer and pay heavy package conversion fee and after that trap offer ends bear a call rate of 1.6(1.92incl tax)/minute. And then they will fell their package is too expensive and will switich back to 30 Second Package and again will pay conversion fee. So the decision is yours! The offer is a waste unless you are alreay on U-Won.

  • Gulzaman Khan

    why we always look bad side of everything …. it seems like its our national habit
    to me its good package unlimited call on net for 24 hours … not like other operators like telenor calming 24 hours free call but actually just offering certain amount of minutes in a day to call … we should appreciate the initiative and use this for positive purpose …

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    Sharing buttons have been added on the left side along with related stories have been removed from right side. It looks strange until i get used to it.

  • Also Google ad has changed its font!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not matching with the rest of the font on this site

  • nice offer from ufone but the coverage is awful, that’s why i left ufone a long time ago…

  • fiq

    and how to unsubscribe from this bolo pakistan package?? unsub to 888 ?

  • barby doll

    how to unsub??????????

  • Muhammad Talha Iftikhar

    Can anybody tell me in which newspaper, and on what date, was this print ad published ?
    Thank you

  • Aizaz Ali

    Hoe to unsubscibe?????????????????????/

  • Aizaz Ali

    How to unsub???

  • tanvir

    sano ni pata lagda tu ki likhya wa punjabi vich lakh

  • awais

    hi yer yea to pakeses sasta
    ha na

  • Khan

    U fone is the biggest fraud in cellular service provider and Interflow communication, it’s ad agency helping achieve goals set, to steal subscribers money by fraud

  • Usama

    bilkul he fazool network hai …. packages are too expensive….. u2u anh other network pe call itny expensive hain hai jesy hm international call ker rahe hn… zadari ki olaad thori hain jo roz ke roz balance dalwahn. halaal ka pysa tabui tuo aag lagti hai,,,
    thats y mai ny network he change ker lya hai or apny frnds or family ko be bol dya ke woh be change kern…. ..
    Ufone jitna acha tha aab otna heeeeeeeee bath say bather hota ja raha hai….



  • Asad Ullah



    u fone

  • bais khan


  • Anonymous

    umm how to subscribe XD