• both of you are idiots!

  • After 3 months, he would again claim that Raja Sahib has further extended the deadline.

  • Shahzada Shaheryar

    kuttay ki dum

  • i wish i was there in 1951 so i can give to ur father condoms Mr.Malik

  • syedumer94

    nae tu hajam hota ha naee kese ko nae chaan sy bathny dyta ya be wo he ha rehman malik naeee ha hair cuter

  • Faheem

    true optimism! :D

  • Adnan

    Admin, Just wondering why you always “Strikethrough” Dawn.com links?

  • ok I got a chance to use mobile number portability :D

  • So, now Mr. Malik will try his best to convince PM and at the end after 3 months or so, there will be a care taking Govt and a sigh of relief for Pakistan and cellular companies.

  • SSH

    He is not capable for Ministry OF interior ( which is very important Ministry)
    He’s interfering everywhere for his comission.Solar products are banned by him for not paying Bhatta to him.
    Same is the case with telcos nowadays.

  • Aamir you didn’t get it, the three months extension is for “Banning of Unregistered SIMs” not for the Ban of MNP or Sales channels. That’s what the Dawn says.

  • Impressive Tanweer


  • Usman

    i think its good for pakistan security

  • mustafa

    reopen youtube