Mar 6, 2013

  • 404 Not Found

    you seems to be from Pakbugs, that’s why barking here like this. They have to inform the bank management to secure the system rather than showing it in public. Which, in fact, disclosing of Pakistani websites security.

    P.S: Even youtube & google got hacked many times, its not a big deal to hack Pak Cyber Army by Pakbugs.

  • Salman Abbas

    Or just use Linux which will save money and easier to hire competent people.

  • Arslan waheed

    I agree this Pak Cyber Army is not real and just for these kids real Pak Cyber Army says “real Pak Cyber Army is reality they have nothing to do with any lame fame forum website” well 404 Not Found dear I think Pakbugs have guts so they hacked Pak Cyber Army but If PCA is much talented and they have guts then why don’t you hacked Pakbugs? Interesting but amazing ! both are hacking groups but it seems Pak Cyber army failed infront of Pakbugs