Enjoy Free WiFi at These 50 Locations in Lahore

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has announced the inauguration of a groundbreaking initiative – free WiFi services at 50 key locations across Lahore. This ambitious pilot project aims to revolutionize internet access for citizens, marking a pivotal step towards a more connected society.

Expressing her unwavering commitment to delivering on her promises, CM Maryam Nawaz expressed her delight at the rollout of free WiFi services, stating,

Free WiFi started at the following (50 spots) in Lahore. Rest of Lahore is being done too. Alhamdolillah! We promise, we deliver.

The decision to introduce the free WiFi pilot project was forged during a high-level meeting between the Chief Minister and officials from the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) last month. As part of this initiative, PSCA has been tasked with modernizing existing infrastructure, including hotspots, to ensure seamless internet provision.

Under the visionary leadership of CM Maryam Nawaz, the Punjab Safe Cities Authority has been directed to prioritize the deployment of free WiFi services in vital hubs such as educational institutions, airports, railway stations, and bus stands. It is estimated that a total of 516 locations across Lahore will benefit from this transformative initiative, substantially enhancing internet accessibility for residents.

This initiative signifies a remarkable revival of the complimentary WiFi services initially introduced by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government in 2013. While the services were discontinued during the tenure of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government due to outstanding bills, CM Maryam Nawaz’s administration has reinstated and amplified this essential service, empowering communities with connectivity.

With the oversight of WiFi services now entrusted to the Punjab Safe Cities Authority, efficient management and operation are ensured, heralding a new era of digital connectivity in Lahore.

  • In cheezo k koi fida nhi , internship or job k Lea industry banae . In cheezo k Kya krna Jo insan ko 2 time ki roti bi nha dea.

    • U r right. But aj kal internet k bagair roti b ni milti. Internet is very necessary.u can earn online. I’m not favouring her but net is very necessary now a days

  • 🙏allah ka wasta hi mulak mi industry lagao.logo ko roz gar mily.awam roti ko tarss rahin hain wifi ni roti chaiye awam ko plz plz plz

  • Fazool treen kaam KR rahi CM sahba.
    Rozgar, industry, export, health & education. K ley kaam ley kaam kryn .

  • Make all big stores and malls and airports and bus stations to provide free wifi… Instantly you will have more than 500 locations with free wifi and paid by the people that are making a lot of money rather than sqeezing money out of tax payers pocket for all these gimmicks…

  • This step alone is not something to be proud of. Most of the people in this country are already least interested in work. Now they will sit in these free internet spots and waste their time watching YouTube, TikTik and in chat. The need of the time is not free solar panels for some, iPads for some, ebikes for some, and free laptops for some. No, this is not the way economies improve. Our leaders will never learn.

  • Inn ki Aqal k Mutabiq sirf Lahore hi poora punjab hai. Sara pesa sari sahooliyat lahore me bss.

    • Bro mai Lahore se hoon Allah aap ke shehr mai bhi asaniyan karay aur aap ko khushiyan de meray liye bhi dua kijiyee ga I am FSC student

  • Jana Hospital, The Children’s Hospital, General Hospital, both of them on the disease take the north Wi-Fi Mariam Bibi

  • South Punjab must hand over to India. In south Punjab there is no system no facility no govt

  • تمناؤں میں الجھایا گیا ہوں
    کھلونے دیکے بہلایا گیا ہوں

    پہلے آتی تھی حال دل پہ ہنسی
    اب کسی بات پر نہیں آتی

    شیر کی کھال پہن لینے سے گدھا شیر نہیں بن جاتا ، گدھا ہی رہتا ہے اور پھر گدھا ترنگ میں آکر وہ حرکتیں کرتا ہے جو اسوقت پاکستان میں سیاست کے نام پر ہو رہی ہیں ۔

  • Why not in Kinnaird College For Women,Lahore and King Edward Medical College,Lahore. Both are leading educational institutions of Pakistan

  • Pakistan needs only cheaper electricity. If anyone is serious that Pakistan’s economy grow fast, electricity must be cheaper as much as possible. To benefit only few people (IPP owners), whole Pakistan paying the price (no industry, no jobs, highest electricity bills, inflation etc.).

  • Try to create more job opportunities,renovate our Govt hospitals they’re literally in miserable condition, it’s difficult for a doctor and for a patient as well,Try to stop the mafias,That’s what we need i don’t think that now a days there’s anyone in Pakistan who don’t have internet access,this is not a PROMISE this is just a Faltu thing that can only be expected from sharif Govt,JUST FLEX FLEX AND FLEX🤡

  • Why not famous public places?
    •Shalimar Bagh
    •Minar e Pakistan
    •Badshahi mosque
    •Race course
    •Jinnah park
    •Lahore zoo
    •Lahore museum
    •Sozo water park
    •Pak India border

  • Excuse me yar ya keya hora ha. Jb hmary ch sahba ase hu tu awam bechary bouk sa marngy. Yar kuch industry lgoo ya kich or new kru jis saa hum awam ko fida huu. Ab free wifi pr keya krna ha. Sexsy dekna ha. Yar kuch be.

  • Lums university main parhny waly students ko free kch nhn chaiye aur school k bachy bhe wifi use nhn krty kindly universities ko focus krein na k schools ko

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