• qazzafi

    One can imagine the loan country like Pak carrying and look at the adv they spend

  • MVWare

    Hey check this one too

  • Furqan

    “only $1.06 was spent on research and development.”

    I believe you forgot to mention Billion there.

    • AK

      Just one dollar ???

      • Han Paan khanay gaye they $1 ka wahin aik aik mobile ki pic nazar agaye called iPhone 5. Hogaye Research and Development :D

        • Saeed

          hahaha good one

  • smilespk

    Good It News

  • Impressive Tanweer

    “Compared to $11B though, only $1.06 was spent on research and development.”
    couldn’t get the point.
    thanks for the article.

    • Saeed

      Point is simple, it spends lot more on selling than innovation and originality..

  • nice to read this article i like it keep sharing things like that i would love to read again about it