Aug 20, 2013

  • Ahmad Khan

    The OTT players (Sype, WhatsApp, etc),

    Mistake alert. you meant Skype right?

    • Aamir Altaf

      Thanks for pointing out. Yes it is ‘Skype’.

      • Ahmad Khan

        even after such tedious proofreading and reiterating several times, this sort of stuff still happens to the best of us.

        Great article by the way. Nice thoughts and opinions . Really appreciate your effort. :)

        • Aamir Altaf

          Thanks for your kind words.

  • yasir khan

    I guess good CX comes with simple, clearly informed informed tariffs as far as telco customers in Pakistan are concerns . Best network quality is the 2nd most important thing.

    • Aamir Altaf

      I agree Yasir that clear and transparent tariffs along with good quality network are key for CX. Can’t really say which is no 1 though.

  • Saudi

    V well written