• Azi

    unlimited (100 mints) lol

  • Labi

    unlimited (100 sms) wow what an offer ….:P

  • Jaffar Ali

    Another spectacular offer from Ufone, this is why Ufone stands out from the rest of the telecom companies

  • Ali

    Zabardast offer, now i can call as many people i want…Thank you Ufone for providing such an amazing offer.

    • Sabir Baloch

      Unlimited mein only 100 minutes? a good Fun . lolzzz. .

  • Atif

    It is quite a useful offer particularly for the people who have to use phone during working hours as Rs 5 are nothing for doing many short calls

  • Tariq

    Good to see another exciting offer from Ufone.

  • Super 5 another exciting offer by Ufone.By introducing this offer, Ufone once again showed its commitment towards its customers. Ufone Rock!

  • That is why they say Ufone tum hei tu hoo!

  • Ahmed

    Make 40 calls of 2.5 minutes and you will end up being charged 5+0.80+40*0.12=10.30 :-)

    • This is still good bro ;)
      Try making same amount of calls of same duration without this package :p

  • Saad

    Where is PTA now for misguiding ads?

    Baishumar/ Unlimited Calls and SMS = Fair Usage (100 mins + 100 SMS) + 10 Pasia + Tax per call

    After 3G Auction Ufone won’t have to struggle, they have a cartoon marketing team to wrap up telecom business and jump into kids entertainment tv channel. This is all they can do.

  • lol unlimited 100 minutes and 100 sms + call connecting charges + uwon charges

    • Sabir Baloch


      • Naheeda Iqbal

        inkay bus ad hi achay hotay hain packages nae

  • Sabir Baloch

    Unlimited mein only 100 minutes? a good Fun . lolzzz