Waird’s Glowing New Website

My last two posts were on Warid’s 3rd anniversary celebrations and their upcoming investment plans, and this post is too related to Warid Telecom. I didn’t

want to bore my readers by sticking to Warid only; however, their new website compelled me to write something on it.

Well, at last Warid’s session based old website has gone away, and we have their new website that looks lot better than of the previous one, maybe not the best one that Warid could come up.

Warid guys were maybe not happy with their previous shared hosting; hence their Warid\'s Host Site Got Hackednew host is connect2host.com, which has alexa ranking of 12,883,218 (maybe just a starter). And there happened a very interesting thing, tell you what, while I was writing this post connect2host’s home page got hacked lol….

Anyway, designed in PHP, website is loaded with tons of flash animation and image objects. Having a separate low-bandwidth website was a good idea; specifically when majority of Pakistani internet users are still on dial-up.

Good Points

  • Changing the website layout and platform is itself a very good step taken by Warid IT department. Previous platform had session expiration problem, that lasted throughout three years of its life
  • Designer has beautifully placed objects on home page; clearly one can access all pages from home. Divided into three segments, front page serves consumers, corporate clients and media personals alike.
  • Navigation was quite easy, and I could easily switch between pages with help of top buttons.

Bad Points

  • I Just got a feeling that website was developed and designed in quick time, that is why 1 object (interactive images) out of three on home page is jpeg, verses two flash animations.
  • Despite of already huge traffic, every website is supposed to be Search Engine Optimized, what I see with this Warid’s new website is that it is least optimized for search engines, not even a single Meta tag.
  • Website is designed in multiple color themes, which gives a feel that you are navigating away from the website. However a peep at address bar confirmed me that I was still on WairdTel.com.
  • Locating caller tones or ring tones was relatively a hard thing. I was not able to map them, until I was in the sitemap, where I figured out that tones are under a sub menu (and were no visible). Putting them on top menu could save many user’s time.
  • You may find very limited number of tones; however we can expect the growth in coming days.
  • No search bar, for easy searching

Overall a clean, a simple, user friendly and far easy to navigate website than of what we had before.

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Warid Nites (free unlimited calls on all warid-warid numbers)

Warid Nites is the replacement of Warid Infinte, with free calls on all on net (warid to warid) numbers from 11 PM to 7 AM, but you will be charged Rs. 27.6 (including Taxes) per day.

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  • Amjad Shamim

    Infact warid telecom was not serious about advertisement in last year as compare to others especially telenor. I think ZONG compled Warid’s Management to take out some budget for advertising… but now i am feeling happy that they started advertising.
    Infact advertisement play an important role in boosting up the business. Hence warid should continue and invest more in advertising. otherwise…its very tough era of competition in telecom sector in Pakistan.

    Amjad Shamim

  • Gem

    just a quick note connect2host.com is dns service providers for waridtel, if their site is hacked it would not mean that concerned warid servers are hacked as well… BUT warid site will surely be affected by this, coz if the dns server is hacked you can route the traffic any where.

  • Agree @ Gem

  • Tariq

    woh is by this sim warid number 03236435377 can u give me this sim addres

  • Ch.Muhammad imran



    provied the detail of world package in my email address than i purchase the warid sim


    Ch.Muhammad Imran