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ProPakistani.com is now almost 2 months old, and during this I have been getting tremendous response from my friends and readers. In previous couple of months, I had been keenly focusing various opportunities through which I could engage some revenues to meet my server expenses. But, we all know that earning money online is not that easy as it looks, especially when your blog or website is only couple of months old.

I consistently remained in discussion with my friends and fellow bloggers regarding the ways to earn money through advertisements and other ways. At last I was introduced to this payperpost by Nayni, and found that this programme can satisfy my needs by all means.

Advertisers know that only taking a message to the public may not earn them achievement, hence now they are looking for bloggers and other root level publishers to discuss their products; which is in fact good for both advertisers and their customers as users get detailed review of any product/service and in a way more authentic one.

Xxxxxx is a platform where you write reviews and your opinion about certain products, blogs, mobile phones, teleocm services and so on. And you are free to express positively or negatively, I mean you can write both positive and negative sides of the product.

So if you are a bloggers, and you are trying to monetize your blog, then payperpost is an ultimate stop for you. The good thing I found about payperpost is that there are tons of advertisers to choose from, meaning that you never run short of sponsored posts.

So hurry up, and signup now and collect your share from this emerging media of advertising.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I was thinking about it aswell. What about Google Adsense? How much do you make off that?

    I took a good look at the payperpost thing. They are only paying you peanuts and are specifying some very strict conditions. This will detract from your site aswell in my opinion.

    I would suggest continuing to build up your readership by carrying on with the great articles and information that you currently have instead of sidetracking to stuff that your readership doesn’t want.

    Then once you have a good level of readership you can offer proper advertising.

  • I didn’t realise that you’d only been going for 2 MONTHS…GREAT GOING Aamir…the traffic rank on Alexa for your site is awesome for just 2 months!!!

    I’ll add you on ALL my pakistan related sites!!! :)

  • yeah not only that but you have to have acceptable “normal” blogs in between each sponsored blog and so on – there are a whole bunch of restrictions.
    I’ve just added a few ad positions in my site and I’m going to try and get sponsors that way. I’ll keep you posted on how THAT goes.


  • Hey Aamir, if you can do me a 160px x 100 px ad I’ll put you in for free for a while. Same goes for other Pakistani sites who are short on budget, I’ll add you for free for a while..let’s share some LURRV!!
    I’ve got different sizes available.

  • Aamir If you really want to earn some serious money through google adsense then i will suggest you BLOGGER.COM is the best place for it as I personally know a guy who made 300 blog on blogger.com and now he is earning 30 to 40 dollar daily just beacause of google adsense but who will be agree to put such efforts for making money. I came across a pakistani site address is as clicknearn.net n head office is in USA but it has a branch in karachi and people are earning more than 1000 dollar from thsi site but invesment and membership comes first in order to be the part of this site.It is legit but members need to work hard.

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  • Now people can also earn money by Bidvertiser Ads. Simply click on my site. and then click on “Bidvertiser Icon” which is located right sid of my blog. click it and sign up for publisher and make money. thank u . Abdul Sattar Sherani.


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