Cellular Staffers Invading Mobile User’s Privacy and Blackmailing Them

There are multiple examples in Pakistan, where unknown people intercept cellular voice and SMS communication of mobile users; afterwards they blackmail them and earn some bucks. I have received mails from at least 4 of my readers who have reported such instances happening with them. One of such mail was also made public, whose number was being intercepted by someone and the issue is still unresolved.

Earlier on, we thought that this can be some hacker who had compromised the security of GSM network, however latter it was discovered there hacking of GSM network is not possible. like a reader left his comment, which reads, “Mobile hacking is not possible in a GSM network…..Only operator can listen user’s calls or if someone have duplicate SIM with same IMEI, there are some security algorithms and no one can break it”

Now, here is the situation, victim mobile users raised their voice that cellular companies’ staffers listen and record their voice and data communication and then they blackmail them.

A very reliable source, requesting anonymity has told that the issue reached and it was discussed in Federal Cabinet that cellular companies’ staffers are bothering youngsters and threatening them to either give them money or they will provide their parents with their voice tapes.

Now a high member from Ministry of IT and Telecom has written a letter to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to seriously look into matter and make sure to stop such practices and culprits involved should be penalized.

On other hands we know that in the name of security, there are multiple authorities, which can track our very personal voice calls. Issue must be addressed very clearing defining the regulations so that un-authorized may not reach our voice conversations in any way. (We are in Pakistan, so I am not raising any voice against Interior Ministry of Intelligence Agencies, however their act of listening to anyone’s voice conversation over phone is against very basic human rights)

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK