Cellular Staffers Invading Mobile User’s Privacy and Blackmailing Them

There are multiple examples in Pakistan, where unknown people intercept cellular voice and SMS communication of mobile users; afterwards they blackmail them and earn some bucks. I have received mails from at least 4 of my readers who have reported such instances happening with them. One of such mail was also made public, whose number was being intercepted by someone and the issue is still unresolved.

Earlier on, we thought that this can be some hacker who had compromised the security of GSM network, however latter it was discovered there hacking of GSM network is not possible. like a reader left his comment, which reads, “Mobile hacking is not possible in a GSM network…..Only operator can listen user’s calls or if someone have duplicate SIM with same IMEI, there are some security algorithms and no one can break it”

Now, here is the situation, victim mobile users raised their voice that cellular companies’ staffers listen and record their voice and data communication and then they blackmail them.

A very reliable source, requesting anonymity has told that the issue reached and it was discussed in Federal Cabinet that cellular companies’ staffers are bothering youngsters and threatening them to either give them money or they will provide their parents with their voice tapes.

Now a high member from Ministry of IT and Telecom has written a letter to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to seriously look into matter and make sure to stop such practices and culprits involved should be penalized.

On other hands we know that in the name of security, there are multiple authorities, which can track our very personal voice calls. Issue must be addressed very clearing defining the regulations so that un-authorized may not reach our voice conversations in any way. (We are in Pakistan, so I am not raising any voice against Interior Ministry of Intelligence Agencies, however their act of listening to anyone’s voice conversation over phone is against very basic human rights)

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  • I was have a txt chit chat wd my friend when i received his message from a diff no. i replied in the same flow.Lo and Behold the newer no. responded with “ap kon ho ? where did you got my mobyle no” (I stil got this txt savd in my inbox).I askd who are you.Right the moment i recved delvry report of my txt.I received a call from another no. of a girl, seemed as if she is about to weep,saying “kon hain ap.ap nay message kiyun kiya hai”I asked who are you and whch no. did ya dial since till that moment i thought it is just another prank call.But when a boy 20, 22 years of age called me and asked why did I send a message at his other no.I was amazed and realized that somehow all three of these are interconnected.I asked him the same ques. who are you and which no. did ya dial.When i told him the whole thing he said,he had some guests at his place and he thought someone has used his cell without his permission.
    I cleared his doubts and told him what i thought, both UFONE and Warid were supposedly involved in it somehow.
    I have still not been able to figure out how and why did this happen.We are so insecure in so called Secure world.
    If someone has a clue pls post your ans.

  • Certainly and absolutely, he is someone from the cellular company !..I desire k apki site ko sablog visit kartay toe phir apkay pass facts and figures available hotay k Yahan kia kuch horaha hay..I have studied Human Psychology for about four years and I am well aware of the aversive effects of such criminal activities on individual personalities.Any such victim becomes conditioned for fear and anxiety and it is very likely (Specially if the victim is a female) that the victim may go for a suicidal attempt if the situation goes on for a long time. I hope you would understand what I mean to say !

  • @ Zeeshan

    Thanks for dropping your valued feedback…! yea i understand and agree with what you are saying. This has happened to one of my personal friend. However, he managed to escape the situation.

    But i have come to know that authorities concerned are taking positive steps to prevent such happenings, that’s a positive thing

  • I think my fiance is going through the same problem. I was browsing her mobile sms’s( which i shouldnt be doing) and saw a message from a no similar to her’s. Her no was 033xxxxxx75 and the no she recieved the sms from was 033xxxxxx05. I asked her who this is n she told me it is some prank caller n now hes changing nos now. I called on this no from u fone n other networks but its always unavailable( urdu message with agar ap ufone customer hain voice sms stuff). I called the no at midnight time n the message was in English saying that the caller is unavailable .but Im not sure if this problem will be over if she she goes on another network other than UFONE or warid as theses ppl can detect our IMEI no. I think they r harassing the female customers to adopt the U FONE U BLOCK SERVICE. I cant see no other logical reason as to why these maniacs want to harrase the customers and make them subscibe 2 their services.
    If there is any good advice, please share it with me. I shall be very thankful

  • Asalaam alikum.

    its been v long,someone bothering me on mobile wid his misscalls n nasty msgs,i am fedup of this,dont know wht to do,he want me to talk wid him n have a GF BF realtion wid him,stupid person.zehnimareez. gandi soch ka maalk insan aapni tu koi izat hai nahi dosron ko bhi aapne jasa samhjtay hain ye log.pls help me koi tareeka tu hoga usy roknay ka…waiting…

    • Jo words aapnay yahan use kia hain yehi lafz uskay sms k jawab main likh kar bhejiay.. I hope k itni zillat k baad wo ayenda apko tangg nahi karega.

  • Listening other phone calls or prompting for every sms is quite possible and working wd just a little effort, i excercised it here in pakistan and amazingly, it works…!

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