Home Ministry Can Tape your Mobile/PTCL Calls

Home Ministry of Pakistan is allowed to intercept and tape cellular, PTCL and satellite calls of any customer, reported Daily Jang Today, quoting a news item circulated by NNI.

All cellular, satellite, land line and Wireless Local Loop (such as World Call) have granted Home Ministry the direct access to all system through which the ministry can intercept, tape and retrieve any call they want.

Paper says that Home Ministry has also demanded whole record of cellular companies from their CEOs of companies operating in Pakistan.

It merits mentioning that prior this Home Ministry, only the inelegance agencies had the access to voice communication means of Pakistan and Home Ministry had to request intelligence agencies in order to tape any call.

We saw today Mr. Ehsan Iqbal of Pakistan Muslim League (N) in a press conference airing the telephonic recording of Ch. Pervaiz Elahi, former Chief Minister Punjab, and senior member of PML (Q)…Mr. Ahsen alleged Ch. Pervaiz Elahi of preparing a track against PML (N) Leader Mian Nawaz Shareef. Whole Pakistan heard that particular telephonic conversation. I personally don’t know, from where and how Ehsan Iqbal got this telephonic tape…However, this is a point where we should not keep quite, specifically the NGOs and institutes who are working for consumer rights…

I will not bear anyone intercepting into my personal conversation…Privacy abuse is a global concern now, we have seen instances of such abuse even in United States. There is a dire need now, that these governments should stop peeking into personal lives in the names of security and national interests.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • i am working in a private sector company somebody(which i think is senior employee of that company) texted me that he taped my calls and threatened me.i changed my number now after few months again having this issue.can anyone suggest how to deal with it?i feel very bad to think that someone is interfaring with my privacy can i take action against this?and how to stop this?please help

      • thanks but they deny this but it is so.he told me the details of the call i did to somebody.its pakistan,anyone can invade your privacy and disturbs you and you can’t take action against him especially for girls.they blackmail them and harrass them.what legally i can do to stop it.

  • Moreover, there are applications available on internet that can be installed on your phone. These applications record your calls/ SMS and send them via MMS/SMS to a number (possibly the one who is invading your privacy). So changing your handset is crucial too.

    Or atleast flash it, (meaning that re-install firmware).

  • thanks for your reply.you solved my problem i am changing my job,number and mobile and i will complain about them to pta chairman.

  • When SMS related to Political words is a legal matter than why not personal? Politics means Public.

    PTA, FIA, CIA, Prime Minter Complaint Cell, Mobile Company. You must logge a written request to Manager Customer services of ABC-XYZ cell phone or Land line company. Go Customer services center, Get sign & Stamp on One Copy as they recieved your application. Also mentioned Cc: Chairman PTA in same letter. Send same reciepted Photo copy to PTA HQ isb.

    That will help u alot. Good Luck & May ALLAH save u from Evil.

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