Mobile Phones Disallowed While Driving in Islamabad

Islamabad Traffic Police, at last has made this a rule that “Any driver caught on Mobile while driving will be fined a sum of Rs. 500 per instance from Today (August 1st, 2008)”.

Due to this ban, we may see a rise in hands free phone devices.

Via [Islamabad Metblogs]

law is introduced to minimize the accidents caused.

A driver will be fined a sum of Rs. 300 for violation of these laws (which IMO is a very low amount – more the better).

BTW, I heard of laws in Sharjah and Dubai (not first hand news so cant really confirm if the situation is actually such) where the police just notes down the registration number of cars and send them heavy amount on tickets direct to their homes. They wont stop you asking why are you speaking on your mobile or why’s the seat belt hanging around. Perfect way to treat our people here as well. I wish.

So be careful next time you hear a ring tone in your car. Dont be tempted to pick it.  Good Luck~

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  • Chances are that you’ll get a ticket either on the main roads (like Constitution Ave) or on the smaller roads in the G Sectors. I use my mobile all the time (usually with bluetooth) and without a bluetooth as well. The capital police doesn’t usually touch you in F sectors and the E7 sector :-). Bunch of hypocrites I’d say.

  • That is true that police in UAE send U penalty not only on mobile but even any person from the muncipality wil inform the authorities for throwing out any sort of KATCHRA from the car the fine is Dh.500.-
    Likewise the police sometime stops the driver and give him a challan
    The peoples of local community as wel as foriegners are aware of the facts and they abide by the rules
    Same in the case of Police they are also very Fair they wil never go for the wrong way by any means
    Government care for their Police sowhy they never think of underhand

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