Zong Rs. 1 Phone – Just another Deceptive Marketing Catch Phrase

Mobile phone subscribers were once again deceived by Chinese Let Zong, when they saw an AD in today’s newspapers which read “Rs. 1 Only”.

Now let’s calculate what actually Zong is offering, and let me justify how Zong deceived (lied to) its customers

As per Zong’s official website:

Handset Price = PKR 499
ZONG SIM Pack = PKR 150
12 months on-net airtime = PKR 2,032.8 (PKR 140 x 12 = 1680 + 352.8 as tax)
Advance Tax = PKR 168
Total Deal Price = PKR 2849

So this Rs. 1 handset is going to cost you Rs. 2849 : -)

Check Points:

  • You cannot buy handset or the SIM alone, means you will have buy the whole package
  • Free Air Time will compass over 12 months, and you can not consume that in a single month, which means you can consume free air time of Rs. 140 in first month and same in second and so on.
  • The built-in on-net airtime worth PKR 1,680 is only for ZONG to ZONG calls,
  • The un-used airtime will not carry forward to next month. For example if a customer uses PKR 110 worth of airtime till month end then remaining PKR 30 worth of airtime will be lost (confiscated).
  • Handset purchased under this deal would be functional with ZONG SIMs only. Other mobile network SIM will not work on this handset.
  • ZONG Handsets comes with six month warranty.
  • Warranty can only be claimed from the customer service center it was purchased from.
  • After 12 months customers will stop getting PKR 140 worth of monthly built-in on-net airtime. The customer can use the handset and the SIM after 12 months by recharging account as per regular procedure.


Ufone’s bundle offer of Rs. 999 for Handset and SIM was lot better than of this long term contract and handset that’s actually locked (means you can not use this handset with any other network)
Another element that left a bad impression about this handset offer Zong was its advertisement, which says that get a phone for Rs. 1 only…! and not only this, ad sayz “Mobile Phone Sirf 1 Rs main, 12 Maheenay kay balance kay sath” Now please Zong people us me from where this Handset is of Rs. 1???

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Let us look at this deal from a different perspective. What buyers of this handset going to enjoy in Rs. 1999?

    Balance of Rs. 140 for twelve months = 1680

    (Customer has to pay tax in all cases whether one buys this handset or buys any other handset like Nokia or Motorola, no difference made by this deal)

    Advance Tax Rs. 168.00 (Again customer has to pay advance tax in all cases whether they use automatically provided monthly balance with this handset or load a scratch cards, again no difference made by this deal)

    Mobile Handset = 1
    Zong SIM Pack = 150

    Total (1680+168+1+150) = 1999

    Now how do you see it deceptive?

    Now if company is going to give you this handset in 1 rupee, it has to impose certain restrictions!

    • Here’s the truth, I’ve bought this set and i haven’t received their free balance for a single month. When i called their customer service and complained about this issue, they told me that the handset and sim was not registered on my ID. You people are telling that one cannot use any other sim card in zong’s handset but nobody have mentioned that you cannot use the zong’s simcard with any other handset that comes with their bundle package except theirs. I’ve realised this 3 months after purchasing their bundle package and i wish i wouldn’t have bought this.

  • zong is wonderful set.zong hai to sub kuch hai..i have also the set of zong
    zong i the best

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