Want to Start A blog site? Okay Lets Try! Com'on its Fun and Simple

Hanif Khan Pars (one of my devoted readers) today sent me an email asking me to help him setup a blog where he is interesting in sharing his views and thoughts like i am doing for last couple of months.He is not the only one, i got couple of mails from my other readers including Maria and Syed Asad who were looking for a blog but didn’t know much about it.

This much interest in Pakistani readers about having their own blog is very encouraging and i can envision huge activity from Pakistani bloggers in coming months. By the way i was inspired too, by Babar Bhatti and started this blog. And believe me blogging is a fun thing to do. It helps your personal branding, make a community of readers around you, and also you can earn good money out of it. (One thing, don’t expect happenings very soon, i will discuss this point latter, but be sure that you are not going to get traffic for 3 months, but afterwords… Its fun)

Getting back to Hanif Khan’s query, in response to what i have decided to start a series of posts in which i will try to make readers familiar with steps and must do things for a (successful) blog. Input from experienced bloggers (in comments) would definatly help us all.

So lets start with very first thing that you should think about, and it is “Topic of your blog”

Choosing a Topic for Your Blog

This is going to be the the first and most crucial decision in your blogging career. Yea think atleast 10 times before your finalize your blog’s topic. Keep reading to know why it’s so important….!

Many of bloggers try to do variety of stuff on their blogs. For instance a blogger is trying to cover Search Engine Optimization topics and at the same time he/she is discussing some sports, entertainment and the fashion.

This can lead to a very confusing situation for you, specifically, when there will be a time when you wont be able to maintain balance amongst your all covered topics, and your readers may start getting bored (who were actually expecting more from you about this particular topic)

So focus keenly on a single topic, that you feel you are good at. Defining the purpose of your website gives a clear direction to your visitors, thus making them subscribe to your feeds and ultimately you will get more traffic.

Always select the topic that you like, and you feel you have inborn germs about the topic. Don’t write on medicine if you are not a doctor. In case you start a blog with a topic that you don’t know much about, you will run short of ideas very soon; untimely you will start looking for other blogs or Wikipedia to get the content. (Which is not a good idea at all)

Once you are done with these initial things, give yourself a good start and afterwards there is an un-ending world of possibilities for your blog…!

Please make up your mind until Saturday, when we will discuss about the blogging tools (programming free + easy to use tools) that you can use to setup your blog. Let me mention you that blogging website is so easy to maintain (unless you are not looking for advance features) its just like using Microsoft Word…!

Want to discuss anything regarding your new blog, drop your comments below or contact me via “About Us” Page.

Stay tunned : -)

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Assalam-u-alaikum, once again Aamir. :-)

    I would like to commend you on such a wonderful initiative for bloggers from Pakistan. I am sure that it would prove to be helpful indeed for many. How important such a venture is, I can very well understand, having setup my own blog just 3 weeks ago.

    I am very anxious to read the next episode of this series. You may want to give the series an official name, you know. e.g. Blogging the Paksitani way – Part 1 or something of the sort. :D

    Good luck!

  • Oh, by the way, it looks real nice to see you adding Gravatar support to the comments. *thumbsup*

  • Assalam-u-alaikum, Aamir.

    Tried to contact you regarding this post, via your ABOUT US page, but seems it didn’t make it to you. Would you kindly drop me a line at [email protected]? Thanks.

    P.S. Delete this comment after reading, if you wish. :)

  • I like the new site Amir, clean lines, better comments and more organised. I’m looking forward to the next installment of Pak Bloggin 101
    I also would like to know how you handled the hosting issue and whether you tried any other blooging sofware other than wordpress.

  • Salam bhai jan. Your blog theme is so much beautiful and attractive, please tell me where i can get this kind of theme. I want to use this theme on my own blog. If you have any download link or any website link please tell me so that I can use this for my blog. Thanks in advance…

      • Dear Aamit Attaa, thanks so much that you give me quick reply. Please tell me if you see any professional free theme on the net like your wordpress theme, so can i use it on my blog please help me, I am very very thankful to you bhai.

          • Dear Aamit Attaa, I search it a lot on many sites but i can’t find professional looking Ads ready theme. Please If you have any previous experience to find this kind of theme. I remember that in early days Propakistani.pk use a theme and in the footer of the theme a link i found that is eblogtemplates.com. Its means you got this theme from here but when I search this kind of theme in the specific website but I can’t get such kind of theme here. If you give me some help i m so much thankful to you…

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  • no google adsense as they are banning pakistani publisher with or without reason. It will be waste of time

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