Never Give Away your Email Password to Anyone!

Yasir Butt has reported that he recieved an Email apparently from Gmail customer Care Center, in which the email asked him to supply his email password in order to ensure their safty…!

All readers, please note that Do Not Reply to any such emails, and never give away your password to anyone; Google’s official customer support will never ask you for your passwords, neither they can access it in any case. Same is the case with Hotmail, Yahoo or any other mainstream free email service providers.

These fake emails are either sent by someone who knows you (to steal your password) or the ones who are interested in getting information from your account, such as online advertisers etc…

Below is the Email sent snapshot

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  • haha — whoever did this didn’t even take time to make sure that the email body is correct. It talks about closing down gmail but mentions hotmail accounts also :p

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