Copy Data from Badly Damaged and Scratched CDs and DVDs

Many times in my life I found myself in a situation when my DVD writer stopped reading a very important CD or DVD. I am sure all of you may have seen such a irritating situation when you find no other way but to curse your CD or DVD.

Okay don’t do that anymore, because there is a solution called Copy Cat 2.0. Yes, this is an application that can recover data from your scratched CDs and DVDs. Frankly speaking, I just tested this software, and it worked great.

Remember that a physically damaged disk area cannot be copied from CD or DVD in any case. What Copy Cat does in such a situation is that if such damaged area comes between a big file then Copy Cat skips the bytes which are not readable from file and copies all other bytes.

So don’t claim that it is not copying all of your data, but I assure you that this software is going to give you back the maximum amount of data from your badly damaged CD or DVD. Another plus is that Copy Cat can also copy data from hard disk area which is partially not readable.

Unlike Windows copy operation it does not stop the copy if bad area found. It is compatible with XP and Vista and above all, it is a freeware.

Download Copy Cat from Official Site
Download Copy Cat from Rapidshare

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