Warid's WAP Portal for Mobile Content Goes Online At WZone.pk

Warid Telecom in collaboration with GETMO (a worldwide entertainment content provider) has launched its content portal that is compatible for both web and WAP browsing.

A quick look revealed the richness of content on the portal, with plenty of options for ring tones, mobile videos, Games, wallpapers etc…!

Free Content

There is available a layer of FREE content, accessible to everyone (either warid’s customer or off-net subscribers) that has registered on the portal.

Subscription Based Content
Other than free content, that is available to everyone, Subscriptions enable access to the Basic and Premium content, and the subscription is only accessible and possible for a WARID customer.

Premium content is the latest content while basic content is older. Premium content costs a little more than the basic content

Subscription Charges

The subscriptions are valued at Silver PKR 50+tax, Gold PKR100 +tax and Platinum PKR150 +tax. Each of these subscriptions then allocates a certain amount of POINTS to your account.

If you subscriber for any package, the amount will be deducted from Warid prepaid, and will be billed for Warid postpaid customers. So you need to have required balance in your account before you subscribe.
Point value of package and items

Although each content item has a price, it is the points associated with the item that is important, and will determine the amount of Basic or Premium Items that can be downloaded

Additional Information

  • You must be a registered user to download free content
  • A registered customer can only download the free content, while the subscribed customer will have access to download free, basic and premium content as per his subscription type
  • All content from the website will be pushed to the r handset, while from the WAP site all content will be directly downloaded to the phone. Customer will not be required to send any SMS to any short code for downloading of content
  • All subscriptions are for 30 days

Visit: http://wzone.pk

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