Peer Online

Geo TV has been airing a famous Islamic TV Show named as “Aalim Online”, which in fact inspired me to name this post as “Peer Online”. (I just took the name, other wise there resembles nothing between this particular show and my this post)

Businesses in Pakistan are in state of transformation, which are turning their concentration towards the internet now, where they obviously get more target audience, hence more leads converting into sales. Though we lack extensive e-commerce infrastructure in our country, but even though medium and large sized businesses are demonstrating their existence on web.

Similarly, our Peers have started adopting internet too, and now they are broadcasting their publicity messages on internet; mainly through BULK emailing; but soon we may expect plenty of websites dedicated to these Peers and their quick solutions to every problems.

Apparently, these Peers spend handsome amount of money for broadcasting their email messages (let me mention here that many email broadcasters charge Rs. 5000 for 10000 emails). These heavy advertisement budgets actually leave a question mark on their legitimacy and the claims they make in emails such as

  • Solution to Every Problem
  • Meet your love in only 7 days
  • Make your husband obey you for rest of life and so on…

These emails normally leave a Mobile Number at the end as a point of contact…! While one must provide a physical address while doing a remote business. So things are quite confusing here…!

This is a very sensitive issue, so I don’t want to discuss it more, but I advice my readers to act sensibly when you get such an email with high claims and low rates.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK