Zong Introduces "Keh Dou SMS"

If you feel like boring in composing a text message, or if you are busy driving you car, then you have a chance to send an SMS even without typing out messages. Zong offers this service for you, named as “Keh Dou SMS”. With Keh Dou SMS, now you can say your sms rather than composing it. Dial * mobile number and speak what you conventionally would have typed. Whatever that is you felt like saying would really be said, in your own voice & delivered to your friend as a voice SMS.

How to use

  • To Send a kehdo sms dial * then mobile number of your friend (such as: *03145556669)
  • Listen to new kehdo sms dial *0*
  • Listen to old Kehdo SMS dial *1*
On-NetX-NetInternational (Rs.2 destinations only)
Voice SMS SendingRs 1.5Rs 1.5Rs 3
New Voice SMS RetrievalRs 1.5Rs 1.5Rs 3
Old Voice SMS RetrievalRs 1.5Rs 1.5Rs 1.5

*all prices mentioned are exclusive of tax.

VSMS will be 1 minute

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