Ufone Introduces Uhealth (Remote Doctor) Services

Ufone is busy these days in offering Value Added Services, and seems they have plans to offer every service required for a daily life.

This time, its Uhealth, a similar idea that was introduced by Telenor (TeleDoctor). Ufone says that with Uhealth its subscribers can get health consultancy with professional advice on lifestyle related diseases.

How to Access UHealth Doctor

Dial 707! Initially your call will be forwarded to the Nursing station where your Health data is collected through a number of preliminary assessment questions such as symptom duration, aggravating and relieving factors, current medications, temperature, and allergies.

Once your relevant medical history is gathered it is entered into a database. And latter on your call will then be routed to Ufone’s doctor/physician, there onwards the physician will ensure that your query and issues are resolved and appropriate advice is given.


Your call at 707 can consume your few minutes, so be ready to remain on phone for around 10 minutes or so. And this call is not going to be inexpensive.

Rs. 12.1 per minute (Including Taxes)

Be sure that you have plenty of balance in your account before you call Uhealth Doctor, or your call may get disconnected in-between.


Ufone says that it will not be liable for the authenticity or the information given through this service or for the credentials or advice of any medical experts, or for any reason whatsoever, including any loss, claim or damage whether personal or otherwise, caused to any party whosoever.

A good service if you are in some remote area, and you don’t have easy access to doctor, but the concerns, which were raised against Telenor’s TeleDoctor remains the same with Ufone. My advice is to consult a doctor directly if there is anything serious, instead of relying on Uhealth doctor.

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