A Post Dedicated to Mr. Duffer

I have been reporting about technical and very formal stuff since I started this blog, but this particular post is very informal, and dedicated to my readers who are my friends as well. I don’t know if I afford such an off topic post or not, but I can compromise on this over my friends.

I started blogging few months ago, it was May 2008 to be exact – and at that time, I didn’t know that I will become a full time blogger. In fact it was early response that I got from senior bloggers, let me name them, Junaid Khan of Pro-Pakistan, was first one to interact, then Babar Bhatti of Telecompk.net, then Osama Hashmi of GreenWhite.org.

Suddenly, I did a post that got me 27,000 visits in a single day, (yea it just happened, it was not planned, neither imagined – but it just happened), when I actually started thinking of running this blog in more dedicated manner.

During the while, I found very nice people around, who encouraged me, helped me, and told me things which I never knew. Let me thank you all for the help you did and wisdom you gave me.

Duffer – I love this person for two reasons, 1 – coz I don’t know him, 2 – he is a khara banda
Nayni – A very talented and nice lady, who encouraged me for blogging in my early days
Nudrat – A friend in deed… She had given me her credit card to buy hosting for ProPakistani, as i never had any credit card until then. May Allah bless you!
Sohail Abid – Again a very decent person and a proficient programmer. He helped in getting new design of this blog – along with i keep on consulting him on various issues and bugs.
Saad Hamid – Told me very precious tips for SEO, he also helped me setting up my new server (which is on Linux Ubuntu) from scratch – many other tricks that he keeps on telling me.
Zeeshan Shafquat: He is my little bro, he writes for ProPakistani too, Google’s Doodles post by him was one of most discussed posts on ProPakistani.
Asad – He is my competitor by the way, he runs a similar blog too, PakSpider.com and let me add… he is a good competitor, nice friend he is. Asad also helped me for SEO in various phases.
Saad Ibrahim – Never spoke with him directly, but I followed his tutorial for integrating Google Search Engine with WordPress… Thanks Man! I am looking forward to more such tutorials on your blog
Hanif Paras – He remained quite consistent commenter on ProPakistani, I am missing him for few weeks now, hope everything is fine with him
Muhammad Ali Raza – Also writes for ProPakistani, and a very good friend.

There are many others, who would like anonymity. Such as journalists from press; they helped me a lot in preparing several stories. Spokesmen from cellular companies were always kind enough in responding my queries… and this list goes on.

I am not adding Reality Bites’ name, and he knows why I did so. Also the valued readers and commenters… they mean a lot to me.

crux: I am nothing without you guys! Thanks once Again – I am sorry if i missed any name in the list.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Thanks for your appreciation. We, the Pro Pakistan team always welcome our own Pakistani blog sites and other initiatives. That is why it really encouraged us to see a site catering to the telecom and IT sector. Since i am myself associated in very strategic positions in telecom sector in Pakistan for past many years, that is why i can not personally write about telecom sector. This is what the companies made mandatory on their employees yet i find it amusing to see the understanding of few the writers available around as they give a very detailed insight from which i myself learns alot.
    Thanks again for the nice words and hope to see your site progressing. Keep it up

  • It’s an honour to be a part of Pro Pakistani. Aamir brother may Allah bless you. Did i mention that Aamir is the person because of which im able to do blogging? well all thanks to him. He is like those rare Green People who have to be preserved. Best of luck for the future ;)

  • M also here m online 24/7 hours and check propakistani after every hour m also visit all IT and mobile sites min by min
    If you like Aamir i want to write for yr blog
    Can u?

  • first of let me share with you , i have not that much interaction with Aamir Atta , but believe me , what cam to my mind is some what like following:

    1. Dedicated
    2. Devoted
    3. Responsible
    4. Pure Entertainer
    5. Visionary
    6. True professional
    7. Hate Yellow Journalism
    8. Motivator
    9. Future’s Big Shot
    10. in all good human being

    keep it up aamir , Mashahlaah you are doing very well.

  • one thing nobody has mentioned about Aamir Atta; that, he is an innocent guy………. really believe me or not but he is……

  • Wasn’t expecting my name there at all, I don’t have words to express my feelings really! Thanks Mate :)

  • Aamir – you have established yourself rapidly in the Pakistan technology blogistan. It takes quite an effort and its good to see your success. It was good talking to you the other day.

    All the best.


  • I agree with Babar and i would like to add that he has done all this in no time, Thumbs Up to the guy!

  • @ Babar, sir – i am feeling so jubilant to hear such remarks from you. Today, i feel myself rewarded r the effort that i had been doing.

    I need your guidance and wishes to keep all this going.

    @Saad Ibrahim – Thanks man for your words… they work like fuel for me.

    Thanks again

  • Why this post not came to my reader? :O
    Just saw an incoming link at my blogs dashboard and came to know about dedication, or main kitna late ho gya is post pe comment karnay main :(
    jug jug jiyo mere bhai
    ab isko pani wala jug nai parhna yeh hay
    جُگ جُگ جِیو
    tareefain kitni achi lagti hain na :D
    In fact you yourself are very nice (jhoot bura lagta hai? :D)
    Jokes apart, I am so much happy to have these comments from such a nice person like you :)
    May Allah bless you always with happiness and jubilant life, Aamin :)

  • So this is how you managed to post your ‘autoBLOGraphy’ for your “OWN” spectators instead of ahum ahum …;-)

    Thank you so much for ‘remembering’ me by using such a nice words —though you could ADD more ‘effortlessly’:-P

    Well ‘pro pakistani’ is just the beginning, you are DESTINED for an enviable success !!!! InshaAllah

    Keep Smiling :-)

  • nicework man… this is one of the blogs i folow avidly n knowing sum ov the ppl mentiond i can add n say most of em r good ppl who helps newbies like u n me no questions asked…

    keep it up…

  • Amirr BHai
    m really impressed yar… u r really gr8
    m new to blogging..nd hope that u will help me in ths …… hv read ur awl posts on blogging…
    donn’o wat to say…. but m so xitd to see tht Pakistaniz r also succesful in ths feild….

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