OGRA's Website Defaced – Just a Warning Message

OGRA’s website was hacked last evening; I was in office when I heard this breaking news on Geo TV. At once, I searched for OGRA, and started looking for more information about this defacement. After little work I found that OGRA’s website was hacked by H M G group of script kiddies from India run by a guy call Sneak and they call themselves Guards of Hindustan and some define this group Hindu Militant Group.

I remember, it’s been a year when I spoke with the owner of this group for first time. He was just a kid then (in terms of hacking) He didn’t know much about hacking and security concerns. This guy had a group of friends, who were keen to know more and more about hacking and they intended to use their skills for fun purposes.

After one year, they managed to hack OGRA’s website, but in my opinion they are still kids. As they haven’t done good job to deface OGRA’s site – which was open for them like anything. Instead of taking control of whole website and its data, they just placed a message “Welcome HMG”

This attack should be taken as a warning message for all websites in Pakistan, specifically, in a scenario, where majority of our websites are open to hackers – these include many of Government controlled websites as well. I am not naming them, so that they may not get exposed, but believe me, our Government websites are like a video game to hacking kids.

Yesterday, another Pakistani website got hacked, http://www.pakheaven.com/anonymous-mailer.php. I am not sure, if PakHeaven’s administrator knows about this hack or not, but these hacks can’t be termed as defacement, this is normally just a warning messages from fun players to inform administrators about security flaws. By the way, Spider Magazine’s website was hacked long ago, but seems like, its administrator damn cares about any such hack or security leaks.

So website administrators, please tune up your security, and make sure that you give tough time to hackers rather than just a minute to deface them

Update: I got this update through an email from Mr. Talat… He writes:

i want to share some information about OGRA’s website, only the main page link was changed/ hacked by HMG all other links and contacts were saved. Incident took place after 8pm on 17-11-08. Now website has been restored at 10.45am on 18-11-08 and that Indian IP has been blocked by ISP.

basically this was not as issue as raised by Geo TV – basically after hacking they called Geo tv and told them

Update:Pakistani Hackers have hacked back Indian Oil and Gas Website and 5 other webistes as well.

  • HMG group hacked OGRA website only for 2 minutes. after 2 minutes we back OGRA website from hackers. OGRA website is working properly, no any security leak. OGRA website is more secure than any HMG group. HMG group cannot hack OGRA website, only display imige file on ogra website from http link only. HMG group are not hacker, only kids group. I bet these HMG group if they change i will see them. Only image place on ogra website through http link. i trace their IP adress and sniffing and monitering. i will catch the HMG group persons Inshaah Allah. M. Imran feroz Khan

  • @M. Imran Feroz Khan
    Ghusa na karo, kahin bachay naraz ho gaey to 2 minutes , 2 months na ho jaen :P
    At least those kiddos did it even if for 2 minutes…What if they are using some US Proxy, A Frane VPN….lol

  • Hello , CHECKOUT OuR Response to HMG ;)

    Biggest Bank of india Bank of baroda Hacked


    and now indian CID ! http://www.cidap.gov.in/ website hacked lol

    http://pakbugs.org/showthread.php?p=96#post96 < Defacement pics & info of CID of india

    http://pakbugs.org/showthread.php?t=43 < Defacement info of bankofbaroda.com

    http://www.zone-h.org/component/option,com_mirrorwrp/Itemid,160/id,8195281/ < zone-h defacement link of CID

    http://www.zone-h.org/component/option,com_mirrorwrp/Itemid,0/id,8168827/ < zone-h defacement of bank of baroda

    • dear brother PAKbus-Crew
      My site is also hacked. I remove malicious code from it but it again injected by someone. What should I do know?

  • That’s brilliant guys!!!!!!!!!! good job. The messages posted by Pakistan Cyber Army is fantastic.

  • Hmm…!
    What to say…
    PCA did an excellent job…
    Keep it Up boYs….
    Whole nation is with(though its a bad habbit l-)…)

  • Lolz … Congrats PCA … you make us proud … and Message goes to indians that We know to Hit back and Hit Back Hard …

  • yah they are trying to hack more website in future .i saw this news on orkut in hmg community….

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