Computers and its Usage in Pakistan

I cannot forget that day in my life, when my brother bought me 486 computer for Rs. 45,000/- and soon I started to explore windows 3.1 & Windows 95 on this expensive machine. Today after almost 10 years, things have changed a lot, and so are the prices for computers. But unfortunately, we, as a nation are still immature in terms of using computers and in terms of getting benefited of its advantages.

Today, despite 15 percent general sales tax on computers, one can buy a reasonable computer for just 5 to 7 thousand Rupees. Pakistan observed highest growth rate, globally, for computer usage and penetration in recent years, but unfortunately, today in our society masses don’t use computer technology as they should have used it. Like most of the computers bought in rural or in urban areas to some extent are mainly used for playing Movie and games, to chat or to surf Porn websites.

We must understand this that computers can be used very effectively, which can earn lots of money for students and old alike. What we need to do is to explore new tools and techniques to help ourselves and to bring forward productive products in market. Like I know most of the developers are “Own Feed Developers” They learnt majority of their development techniques through online tutorials, How to Do’s and CBT’s available on the internet. I myself studied most of the languages and tools from tutorials/ CBT’s available on the web.

It is my rough estimate, if we just observed the handset unlocking solution market in the Pakistan; most of them are only own feed developers. They get in touch with different handset forums available online and learn unlocking techniques from there – but they are earning lacs from only using internet in a positive way, previously I have discussed in my article “Desi Technicians bring OOB innovations” about them.

We are having own feed developers, but they are easily counted on tips and this is just a matter of interest, awareness and dedication. Otherwise, it is as easy like your mouse click.

As a part of, we are using computers in a positive way, and we are helping our country’s economy to our extent. For example, Google sends us revenues we generate through Google Ads and this money is actually directly coming into Pakistan from external source. Similarly, you can play around with computers and help yourself, your family and country by using this computer in positive way.

With lowering rates of broadband rates, now it’s purely our mistake if we don’t capitalize this internet and computers. We need passion for optimism in our lives despite of blaming government for every issue, we must be enough compatible to compete ourselves in the future market trends.

So, it’s my request, please do not let this computer be “machine box” allocated in computer table just to cover space as one more household item. Try to explore it!!!

  • You are right computers must be used for constructive purposes but I believe we miss or lack some basic educations regarding computers which should be written in urdu for better utilization

  • I extremely agree with you. we must have to realize this thing that how can a computer change our life. i myself use internet for learning many tools or for preparing notes for my subjects.

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