Ufone Introduces New UrEDGE GPRS Packages

Ufone has revised its GPRS/EDGE packages for its prepaid customers. Now Ufone users can subscribe for three available packages, depending on their usage to enjoy in-expensive GPRS for their internet needs while on the go.

Procedure is simple, you subscribe to one of three available packages, which will deduct balance from your account according to package and you will be allotted with certain amount of data limit, again according to package. You can use this data with-in a certain time.


Ufone Internet Packages

The good thing is that you can subscribe again to any package if you use exceed your data limit. By the way, in case your data limit is over, and you are still using GPRS then you will be charged at standard rates, which are Rs. 15 plus tax per 1 MB. So make sure that you have an eye on remaining data limit. To check remaining data package volume & expiry date you can send USSD command to *706# or call 706.

This treat is for prepaid users only, postpaid users, please keep on paying high bills and over charges and keep missing the luxury….!

Ufone UrEDGE Packages (Including Taxes)

Sr. # UrEDGE
package Name
Subscription Charges Price per MB Validity Activation SMS Shortcode
1. UrEDGE 5 5 MB Rs. 61/- Rs. 10/- 15 Days 801
2. UrEDGE 30 30 MB Rs. 182/- Rs. 5.00/- 30 Days 802
3. UrEDGE Unlimited 1.5 GB Rs. 604/- Rs. 0.33/- 30 Days 803

How to Subscribe

Compose a mesg “Sub” and send it to 801, 802 or 803 as per the package you want.

Follow the same procedure to subscribe again, if you run out of your data limit, or your account expires.

How to Check Remaining Data Limit

To check remaining data package volume & expiry date you can send USSD command to *706# or call 706. This will cost you Rs. 0.61 including tax.

Things to Note:

  • UrEDGE data packages are available for all prepaid subscribers on all prepaid packages.
  • UrEDGE data packages are compatible on all EDGS/GPRS supported handsets. If you do not have Ufone GPRS handset settings, you can get settings by calling the Ufone helpline by dialing 333 from your Ufone or SMS “handset model” to 222 or check this step by step tutorial
  • All charges are exclusive of Tax.
  • The packages are not offered on Prepay VPN packages.
  • Complete packages & tariff details can be pulled by sending SMS ‘info’ to 800.
  • MMS, Premium URL, Premium  downloads OR International data Roaming is not allowed via these data packages.
  • To check remaining data package volume & expiry date you can send USSD command to *706# or call 706. (will cost you Rs. 0.61 including tax for checking your volume balance)
  • After expiry of UrEDGE Data package the data charges will be reverted to standard GPRS charges of Rs. 15/- per MB.
  • There will be no change on UrEDGE data packages if prepaid voice package is switched (e.g. from Uwon to Ufone Ghanta Package etc.).

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  • Saad Ibrahim

    WTF! they call it unlimited and it has a 1.5 GB limit?

    • shahid786imran

      This is drama

  • Ahsan

    @Saad Ibrahim, I agree with you.

  • Junaid

    My friend- Have you evenr used 1.5 GB on your phone :) in a month. Also EDGE is not comparable to Wimax or DSL in terms of capacity and should not be regarded in the same category

    • Ubaid Ur Rehman Khan

      What so ever they should not use word un limited, when they have limit …..

  • Ahmedij

    all companies have limited the data usage now

  • Mudassar


    I think ‘Subscription Charges’ are at the time of subscription and then You are charged with per MB price for every MB till you reach data limit for that package.

    So let say for UrEDGE 30 first time subscription fee is Rs 182/- and then You are charged Rs 5/- per MB till you reach 30MB limit right?

    Then it makes total cost for using 30MB internet: 182 + 150 = 332 ( not sure if Tax is inclusive or exclusive of this rate )
    But normally you are charged as: 30*15 = 450 + tax( i guess 84 ).
    Means you are going to save about 100 or more Rupees, not BAD but not impressive. And yes of course on 1.5GB package you are going to save lot more.

    But for heavy data down loaders I guess ZONG’s Rs 15/- per hour package is great, what you think ?

    Mudassar Ijaz

  • Anon

    @Mudassir – you have got it wrong. for 182 Rs you get the 30MB Free. The 5Rs / per MB is an explanation from ufone on how much does the package cost in terms of per MB as this is the metric that most users can actively relate to.

    182 Rs = 30 MB X 5 RS/MB X TAX
    = 150RS X 21% TAX
    = 150RS + 32 RS TAX
    = 182 Rs

    I hope this was helpful :)

    • @Anon, thanks for solving the equation. I will try to narrate things more clearly in future.


  • Mudassar

    oh thnx got it now.

    Now the package is Impressive i think ;)

  • Saad Ibrahim

    By Introducing such “unlimited” packages these companies are making it easy for Worldcall Evdo to penetrate in the market which only has real unlimited packages in the wireless market so far

  • mahmood

    so plz tel me is zong service is good or ufone?
    help me 2 choose trhe good one thx

  • Ahmedij

    when zong first launched their unlimited gprs package on prepaid
    i was very excited but the servie was very disappointing
    speed is too slow.
    i used ufone a long time ago it was fine at that time.
    warid speed is best as far as i know
    but i m still waiting for them to launch unlimited gprs for prepaid users

  • Malik

    what is approx download speed…

  • imran

    Zong has best rates.
    Rs.400 with unlimited usage of data. (Edge service)

  • Internet ki liye sab se achha mobilink Indig High speed internet through EDGE on second Warid third zong fourth ufone fifth telenor

  • Mujahid Malik

    Ufone is the best company in pakistan. me and my family and friends are satisfied with this company.

    • sherry


  • sherry

    the best service of gprs is in telenor.. believe me..

  • yaar mujhe koi sahi sahi bataye ga k ufone ka gprs fast hai ya zong ka???.mai zong ka monthly gprs package use kar chuka hon jo b behad bekaar hai mujhe koi plzz ye bataye k ufone ka gprs kesa haii.

  • yaar telenor mai koi gprs monthly package hai????

  • zong also cap 2gb for prepaid

  • Ehsan Elahi Bashir

    yaar ufone is the best and i have used it on my nokia 6680 and beleive me its the best.

  • sarhadi9

    Only mobilink offerd unlimited gprs in RS 500 wich is 16.67 per day no need to hole month subscription just call 111 to activate and deactivate any time in the month they only charge those days wich can u active. Maximum 2hrs require for activation and deactive normly they done it 15-30 mins also enjoy free mms in this packege (GPRS 1)

  • moaaz

    man 1.5 GB limit r u serious and they called it unlimited.It can expire in a day.we dont have to buy postpay.zong is also offering edge at the same rate but unlimited volume on prepay.It is the best.Ufone is the fuckest tthing ever……….

  • Fakhre alam

    @junaid . . .I’m using zong monthly package and have used 3.4Gb on mobile. What do u think? 1.5Gb is nothing.

  • I think this is quite cheap when compared with other service providers.

  • Khalid

    Ufone monthly gprs launched

  • yasmeen

    I am using Ufone’s UREdge for the last one year and am satisfied with it.

  • Haris from Lahore

    yr sari behas ko choro ap zong ka 2gb pkg 200+t use kro with in month
    agr tax milaen to 239 rupes bnte hain 19.50 % to dosto kya khayal hai 2GB best hai ya 5mb, 30mb, aur 1.5GB ?
    main to 2gb wala hi kr raha hun kam hai par imortant mail wagaira k lye theek hai
    waise main ne 4GB b use kya hai mobile par zong walon ka par wo 17 days mai muj se 4GB khatam ho gai thi
    agr kuch samaj na aye to puch sakte ho this is my cel no.

  • Tauseef

    These UrEdge packages are not “new”… as i have been using them for quite a few months now!!!

    • Tauseef

      Sorry i posted my comments without noticing the post date… appologies!!

  • Fakhre Alam

    1.5gb is very less for me. Every month i download more than 5gb via zong edge using nokia n73. Also for those who connect their mobiles to pc for internet 1.5gb is nothing. Ufone must give atleast 5gb limit

  • Talha

    It depends on areas. In some places zong is better in others ufone is better. But, zong lets u watch youtube videos whereas ufone doesn’t. I’m using ufone, it doesn’t work that well during day time, only after 12 at night i get as high as 20kbps. My brother uses zong and he gets more than 11kb the whole day.

  • Adeel

    hello every one,
    yarr, main ny ufone, telenor, zong and warid sab ka gprs use kiya hy,
    warid’s GPRS outstanding in speed,
    ufone 2nd position,
    telenor 3rd,
    and ZONG ka to koi number hi nai hy, 3-4 kb se upr aati hi nai hy speed,
    warid per 40kb+ aati hy any time.

  • farah

    yr ek baat batao suscribe karnay k charge k elawa per MB b lagain gay…???. means agar mai per day … cell pay skype connect rakhun 8 hrs to kitnay lagain gay or package 15 days ka ho…? or skype ki call k charges alag??? plz meray 3 questions ka answer zaroor dena m waiting urgent

    • Amjad

      my dear it depends for the usage and downloading data. :-)

    • wafa

      yar plz tell me r u using skype on cell phone?

  • Bilal Baloch

    im using zong 2gb internet in Quetta. At day time the maximum speed is almost 2 to 4 kb but after 12 am at night the speed rises to 5 kb. at night pages open quite well but at day time it is very slow.

  • Roohullah khattak

    i am using zong 2GB on my iPhone in Abbottabad.at day time average speed is 7-8 KB and at night after 2:00 am,it is 10-11 KB.During peak hours,say 5-11pm,speed drops down to 1-3 KB and at mid day from 12-04 pm,its 3-5KB.as iPhone web browser opens pages in larger size,usually i end with time out error while browsing.
    But with ufone,at least i am able to open web pages,which proves ufone speed is somewhat better than zong.
    also compare ufone 1.5 GB=PKR 604 and zong 2GB=PKR 239.
    i know the post is old but i may help googlers.

  • sherry

    Can anyone tell me that in warid bucket of 10 mb … what is per unit charge?
    i mean how many KBs?

  • Pardeep

    i want to activate gprs in mobile and waana connect it to my laptop. my usages is browising and vedio chat via skype. which package of which service is best .. please please let me know.

  • Amjad

    zong to fairgh hai, koi speed nahin hai

  • Saad Gilani

    Can somebody point out any link where I can find the complete comparison of USB internet packages offered by different companies in a tabulated/table form. So that one can make a clear/distinct analysis on the QOS(quality of service) VS Cost benefit.
    Syed Saad Gilani

  • Qadeer Ahmed

    Hi everyone!
    I am a new user and have no experience of using internet on mobiles but now i m going to use it on mobile.plz suggest which service will remain better 4 me in terms of cost and speed.It should be effortable in price and reliable in speed.

  • wafa

    plzzz can any one plzzz tell me is it possible to use skype on mobile phone using ufone internet…..if ur cell phone is compatible.??? m so cnfused bcoz sm people say yes its posble n sm say no this technology has yet not been introduced in pakistan…….

  • Nabeel

    skype uredge ufone say use kar saktay ho or voice call b hojati hai i am using e72 for this purpose

    agar normal ho means edge service na ho to chat hoti hai sirf voice call nai hoti or video call k lia wifi use karna parta hai pakistan main ………

    thnks i hope this will help some one.

    zong ghatya hai chutiya service.
    waird use nai kia baki
    ufone best
    telenor good
    mobilink not bad
    zong very bad.


    • wafa

      thnx i tried skype 4 call bt i was not satisfied with call quality may b d area where m living isnt having strong signals or watever..bt nw i m using a v good version of skype just 4 instant msgs n its so gud having nominal charges that if i sine into skyp n have a long chat of 6 to 8 hrs it hardlay takes 2 rs… n its speed is zabardast i mean no delay in msgs..

  • Asif swail

    ye kia mazaq hay unlimited packeg kahan hay ???

  • aamir

    yar ufone 24 internet package kaisa hoga

  • aamir

    plz batao yar ?

  • shahid khan

    Ufone ka INTERNET package
    thik nai ha…….. as compared
    to ZONG…….
    UFONE KA 500+tax me 1.5GB
    INTERNET ka package ha………..
    ZONG KA 200+tax me 2.0GB INTERNET ka package ha……….. AGAR ISS ME UFONE ZONG K
    to KIA BAT HA……………plz help me 03459827710

  • shahid khan

    mujhe woh internet chahiy jo unamited ho or prise bhi kam hon kon si woh sim hai plz help me 03459827710 & yahoo & facebook :[email protected]