6 Months Free Internet with Ufone’s EDGE USB Card @ Rs. 6,999

ufone_grps_edge_cardUfone has come up with best EDGE/GPRS USB package…! Ufone says that you need to pay Rs. 6,999 (inclusive of all taxes) and Get Ufone’s EDGE Card for your desktop/PC and Ufone’s Data SIM and use unlimited Internet for 6 months for FREE….! Sounds gr8!

We know that Telenor is offering its USB Card costs Rs. 12,700 while Zong’s USB is priced at Rs. 9,999. Ufone here wins the price race along with free unlimited GPRS internet for 6 month is added value. Also the Ufone EDGE Card comes with 6 month’s Replaceable warrenty.
By the way, Ufone’s EDGE Card will also support sending and receiving SMS. (Standard SMS charges will apply)


  • Ufone EDGE USB Modem = Rs. 6,999/- (Including Taxes)
  • Prepaid Data SIM (Voice Blocked, GPRS/SMS allowed) = Free
  • 6 months UrEDGE Unlimited* Prepaid data Package = Free

*Unlimited means unmetered GPRS/EDGE Internet for first 6 months

After first Six months, UrEDGE packages can be availed, or customer can go postpaid with standard postpaid packages including Umail.

In case of postpaid packages after 6 months, you will have to pay One Time Security Deposit of Rs. 750/-+Tax

How is the Speed?

If you are in urban area then there are good chances that you may get EDGE – means better connection. In rural areas where there is GPRS connection, you may get bit slower connection.

From a test conducted by www.ProPakistani.com in Islamabad, suggests that on average you may get 5 Kbps speed on Ufone’s GPRS connection.

It must be noted that GPRS/EDGE internet connection greatly depends on your location + your handset + load on network.

Salient Features

  • Always ON mobile internet connection
  • True nationwide Data Mobility via Ufone’s EDGE/GPRS network
  • Ease of use via fully Plug n Play installation
  • Inbuilt graphical reporting for data upload and download
  • Statistics log reporting Daily, Monthly and Yearly upload and downloaded data volume
  • Two-way long SMS send/receive functionality
  • Six (06) months totally FREE UNLIMITED Mobile Internet
  • Six (06) months limited Replaceable Warranty
  • Multiple OS Support like Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Vista etc.
  • Supports Class 1 ~ Class 12 GPRS/EDGE

Where to Buy from?

Customers can buy Ufone EDGE USB from Ufone’s 22 Customer Service Centers located throughout Pakistan in the following cities:

•    Faisalabad
•    Gujranwala
•    Hyderabad
•    Islamabad
•    Jehlum
•    Karachi (05 centers)
•    Lahore (03 centers)
•    Multan
•    Peshawar (02 centers)
•    Quetta
•    RahimYar Khan
•    Rawalpindi (02 centers)
•    Sialkot
•    Sukkur

Also you can buy Ufone EDGE USB from Ufone’s Authorized Franchisee centers available in all major cities.

Terms and conditions

  • The Ufone EDGE USB is available to all Pakistani Nationals having CNIC or foreigners having required credentials as per GOP/PTA regulations.
  • Any Ufone SIM (Prepaid or postpaid with GPRS activated) can be used in Ufone EDGE USB; however as per current offer 01 free Prepaid/Postpaid Data SIM will be offered with every EDGE USB modem with 06 months free unlimited data access.
  • In case of loss of SIM Steel Jacket (that is required to insert SIM in the EDGE USB) a new SIM Steel Jacket is available for sales at Rs. 50/- + Tax upon getting a copy of CSAF form as purchase proof of EDGE USB modem.
  • In case of loss of EDGE DATA SIM, a replacement DATA SIM with the same MSISDN (Voice barred, EDGE/GPRS/SMS Allowed) will be issued after client verification as per standard SIM replacement charges. (Previous copy of CSAF form for DATA SIM with IMEI required).
  • All Ufone EDGE devices have 6 months limited (in case no physical damage) replacement warranty from the date of purchase.
  • SMS charging rates will be as per prevailing SMS Rates of Rs. 0.5/- On-net, Rs. 1.0/- Off-net and Rs. 1.5/- International on EDGE USB DATA SIMs.
  • PTT, MMS, SMS Buckets, Premium URL or downloads and International data Roaming (without prerequisites) are restricted on UrEDGE data packages.
  • The packages are not offered on Prepaid/Postpaid VPN packages.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Assalam-o-allikum
    I to much thankfull of U Fone company wich have introduced us a latest infermation with a cheep price.
    End of all, I requested that plez inform us about the internet speed also.

      • @Aamir Attaa,
        Aamir, Do you have any idea that after 6 months, whether we can use the same Internet USB with other GSM network’d Internet or not?
        And, If we can use this USB with other GSM networks’ SIM, then whether we need to unlock this USB to be used with other GSM networks or not?
        Waiting for your reply impatiently!

        • @Omer, As per information that i Got, yes these devices can be used with other networks’ SIMs as well. Though i have not tested this.

          You may need to counter-check this before you purchase, if you have something similar in mind

  • Excellent article,

    You mentioned speed of 5 kbps, can you please mention what is the max cap i.e 256 or what else?
    further what about the disconnection problem, is the connection reliable and really always on?
    and can you mention the brand/model/make of edge modem they are giving?

    Thanks anyways!

    • @Najam-us-Saquib,
      dear i not sure but i think the speed is only 50kb beacuae i called to ufone help they told me

  • what about the speed they are telling like zong says we give you 128kbps connection? and there must be unlimited bandwidth after 6 months rather than UrEDGE packages . :-s

  • aray yar sab se better hai k aik market se EDGE stick lo woh sasti milay gi or mobilink ya zong jo behtar speed or service dey rahay hian woh use kro.
    5 month se mian use kar raha hoon EDGE stick main ne 6000 ki li thi or best chal rahi hai abhi tak with mobilink indigo connection. ufone per agar kisi or network ki sim chal rahi hai to is ki price sab se best hai. chup kar k le lo….
    or pehla note kar lo k apnay area mian check kar lena k EDGe service severice kaha ka receive ho rahi hai then purchase kro.

  • Dears what is the probable speed with edge coverage? the speed in above article is 5 KBPS on GPRS what about EDGE covered ares!thanx

  • n wts etz response in basement areaz becoz ufone didnt work properly in basement n es dis work proper thr?

      • would any body tell me that what is the configured speeding capacity of the USB Modem. SIM cards can varry the speed according to the sevice provider but the speed of connectivity of modem remains same. Please put some light on it.


  • dear all,
    the thing to note is ufones edge stick is 6999 with six months free edge (where ever EDGE is available) GPRS is available in evry nook and corner that ufone covers in pakistan (4500 locations) mobilink does that in 81 cities only
    now for price and edge modem ufone offers the service at Rs.500/- (unlimited) along with 5 & 30 MB packages as per requirement when free contract expires which is also competible to every one that is providing the service.
    for edge ufone covers entire cities where ever edge coverage is available not like any other service provider which are area specific.
    so ufone is the way to go when it comes to edge modems.

  • Hey guys this is excellent , after much hesitation finaly got ufone usb , this is wonderful experience . I am getting average speed of downloadin 30 in lahore , i wil strongly recomend it to every on

    • I wana purchase ufone usb bt im very cnfuse abt its speed. Can u suggest a suitable option of it to get rid 4m ths problm. Im facing difficulty in my stdy without internet.

  • Hey guys why are you confusing others. I got ufone usb in lahore.and this is wonderful experience , i m gettin downloading speed of 30kb on average and this is working perfectly .

  • Hi All,

    First of all, to one of the queries above, it says on the Ufone website that other networks sims will not be functional on this USB device.

    Next, I am happy to see at least one real life example (Mumtaz) confirming its efficacy.

    Thirdly, I would like to ask that after six months, if I need to continue using high speed internet, how much will I have to pay? Will it be on a as-per-use basis? If so, then what will be the rates? Otherwise, if it will be unlimited use, then what will be the charges in this vase?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • there are tree packages available two are download buckets and the other one is unlimited
    so you may use unlimited data for Rs. 500 excl of taxes

  • FONE EDGE giving the download speed between 2-Kbps against their claim of 60-150 Kbps. While Upload speed is much more lower and its around less 2 Kbps against 20-50 Kbps. This speed is possible when I am getting 95-99% signal reception in Karachi.
    I Contacted the both service centre & call centre 5-7 times in 3 days, the persons in service centre simply dont have any idea of this USB service related issues. I also emailed at differnet email address of concerned USB support persons along with screen shots of statistics, but no response yet.

    I suggest that nobody should buy any company’s USB Modem service until they test it personaly at thier sales centre.

    I got it on 29th Dec., and yet i havent received download speed of more than 5Kbps when downloaded from accelarator, & when downloading within windows its just remain under 2.3Kbps.
    I can provide anyone with screen shots of all this claims…….


    Now i can say after all this that all of them are misleading people with Kbps and KBps.

    1 KB/s = 1024 bytes per second
    1 kb/s = 1000 bits per second
    1024 kb = 1 mb (megabyte)
    Therefore if you ask for a 1Mbps broadband connection, it will take minimum 8 seconds to download a 1 MB file from the internet.

    For further information on how long it will take to download a file visit:

    SCREEN SHOTS OF UFONE EDGE MODEM , displaying Download and Upload speed.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3222176510/

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3221344187/

  • Thanx all but here’s what happened with me. I went to Ufone headoffice in Jinnah Super Isb the next day. Customer service was damn ignorant about their Edge USB. One said there were no technical issues lately, but the other was telling two boys that there actually ‘were’ & that they were working on those. They said that it doesnt meet customers’ speed expectations, & that video streaming was blocked. When I asked about post-six month tarriffs, the guy went behind to get the printouts and as I couldnt wait for ever, so I cursed myself for having gone there & left the counter. I called couple of friends, & then their friends, & finally came to know that I could get a PTCL 512K broadband @ Rs 1200 per mo but which needs a wire, or a Wateen 256K @ Rs 718 per mo or 512K @ Rs 818 per mo, which are wireless WiMax & which I can use all around my house & city & even in car coz I have a 12v to 220v car adaptor. I am a satisfied customer of Wateen WiMax since 16th Jan & am enjoying the Rs 718 per mo (rental device package wìth 256K, & I can always upgrade it to 512K by just paying 100 Rs more i.e. 818 per mo. Thanks every body coz all of you made me make the right decision not to get trapped in the fancy USB device thingy! ;-)

  • I will 100% agree with the “ufone customer”.
    UFONE is deceiving its customer.
    When I first called the call center for EDGE information inquiry, they told me that the download speed will be 60-150 Kbps and upload will be 20-50.


    Now I have invested my money and now there is no way that I can get it back.

    There must be a legal action against UFONE.

    • Hey man, you can take legal action against UFONE. Just contact a normal lawyer who will take 5-10k fees to file your case under Consumer Protection Act and there you can claim a fine of rupees 5 lacs. Court will give the decision in your favor if you think you have proofs of what you are saying. Good Luck.

  • Dear All,

    My name is well leave it come to the point, yes i am from ufone, yes i am using the USB Edge offered by ufone, as i am in operations so i need to test all the things etc… i have found downloading speed of 15 to 19 Kilo byte per second, am not saying the kbps as it stands for kilo bit per seconds… rest u already know the difference… so what else u need peoples… not promoting ufone vas… just wanted to share my experience…

    But think about it… u got laptop, u r in some area where no connection for net is not available… also there is not light for one hour… then my dear dont you think the even 10 kb (kilo byte) is also enough at that time…

    socha karo phir bola karo dear… we all can criticize anything and in our nation it is common… but we dont think that one little thing might helo in crutial moment…

    so there it is…

    most of u will abuse me i know… most of u think that i am TC the ufone… as i am employee… most of u think that i am totall wrong…

    then again i am not asking u to purchase something… i am not asking u to go for it…

    You always have the power to choose in anything… no one forces you… but i think it is better to clear someone points with my own experience…

    GOD bless you AAMIN, also sorry for my english…

    hworang f 7…

  • Well nice to hear any thing of this type progressing in pakistan soil, i would goo for it atleast to be online 24 hrs. a day and nothing so small and convinent can you buy form the market with such features of internet access. just plug and roam around in all country, that i call connectivity. man its g8. and inshallah i will buy it as soon as i come pakistan i am using similar devic in saudiarabia at the moment and thums up for TELECOM INDUSTRY

  • aamir plz tell me that
    ke yejo connection ha yani ya usb card us usb card ko just pc ka sath connect karna ha naa usme mobile phone ka to koi kam nae ha naa ya hain…???

  • I have spent Rs. 6000/- on ufone Edge Modem blindly.
    I thnik , Speed is the real thing for a internet user. ufone offer 5kbps it’s mean 5 kelo bit per second not kelo byte per second. now you tell me “what’s better”


  • mujha ufone ki usb ki samjha nahi arahi is ka bara or monthly charge or 7000 ka bara batain

  • please don’t buy the ufone edge modem prepaid package. it is no more than tension.they exhaust your limit (which in fact is there)and then leave you requesting them for days to refresh it.their customer services are just cheating and nothing more. ufone people are polite only in words but ruthless cheaters at heart.

  • Hi everybody
    My problem is that i have been trying almost every wimax service for the last one year, bu no one came up to the expectation, I have used World Call wireless, Wateen , DSL (cable net) and now witribe. I am webmarketer and very badly need a reliable service. All the above mentioned service providers having a problem on their signals or their tower is not working etc etc.
    my wateen modem is not working for the last 15 days, i have lodged numerous complains but their response is that “wait till the upgrading process completed”
    Neither they returned my money nor give me any alternative.
    Can any one amongest you give a piece of advice in this regard.

  • any body tell me , can i use ufon usb as sms service provider in my website ????

    and how will i do it ???

  • I have just bought the Edge USB from Ufone, it is a completer rip off. There speed has not gone over 1 kb/ per second since I have been using it. NO ONE SHOULD FALL FOR THIS SCAM AND USELESS U Fone customer services. I left Wateen and spent 7,000rs on this useless device..

  • don,t buy ufone edge modem
    it,s speed only 2-3 kbps. i check it also in lahore (gulburg).
    es ki speed itni hy k ap bethy bethy thak jaain gy. bekar hy.

  • These UrEdge packages are not “new”… as i have been using them for quite a few months now!!!

  • I need internet pakege for my mobile because im using nokia n73 mobile and i have a friend in saudia arabia so i whant to chat with him by gtalk so plz tell me about pakages for mobile same like in saudia arabia 1gb 2gb and unlemited for monthly prices.

  • can i know about dis usb dat how fast it downloads any folder? & wt about its speed?

  • I am going to sale my UFONE Internet Device USB with the package of Rs.500/- Unlimited Internet package The Price of New one is Rs.4500/- I will sale at Rs.3500/- After Loading the Balance of Rs.500/- enjoy the internet unlimited all the month Best Device for Pc Computer and Laptop for internet connectivity where u go the internet is available with u supports and can be installed at any laptop and computer Plug and play at any computer for internet Where there the ufone signal are available internet is available whole the country Amazing Offer only Rs.3500/- Only Serious buyers contact me Contact: Rana Toqeer 0333-4338207

  • I am going to sale my UFONE Internet Device USB with the package of Rs.500/- Unlimited Internet package The Price of New one is Rs.4500/- I will sale at Rs.3300/- After Loading the Balance of Rs.500/- enjoy the internet unlimited all the month Best Device for Pc Computer and Laptop for internet connectivity where u go the internet is available with u supports and can be installed at any laptop and computer Plug and play at any computer for internet Where there the ufone signal are available internet is available whole the country Amazing Offer only Rs.3500/- Only Serious buyers contact me Contact: Rana Toqeer 0333-4338207

  • Usb ke charges kya hy dear per minth ke hsab say or ak colok ke charges kya hy plz ager kese ko pta ho to btae.

  • close