Customer Service Experience and Pakistani Telco Industry

PTCL has announced Year 2008- 2009 as a year of Customer care. Yes! That’s true, and they are working to enhance customers’ experience and support facilities. How about giving a try to call 1217 (former 17), you are likely to get someone greeting you even before the bell rings. He/ she will be ready to deliver you services related to directory services. Directory services are known as services related to number inquiries, but if you will ask any other information from the same helpline, they will give you respective number for further help on a specific issue.

As customer help line mechanism is segmented on the basis of services, for instance for VAS you will have to dial “6” (to get connected with customer service representative for VAS information only). The important point to note is that “only for Value Added Services information” – meaning that for the rest of services, you might have to dial other digits to get connected with the other services information.

Customer services segmented channels strategy and customer queries diversification on the basis of nature of complaints is pretty good, but PTCL must communicate with massive advertisements (print , tvc’s etc) to their customers that for their help-line, their customers should dial respective helpline to get desired information, otherwise customer complaint will not be entertained efficently. PTCL bill can also be utilized for advertisement for the same purpose.

Another point to note in customer service of PTCL is that customer service representatives do not inform about his/her name. If customers are not entertained according to the standard, their unanticipated complaint will not be solved. The CSR should mention his/her name as main tool of identification for unanticipated services received.

Today, I am rendering some more salient points to consider for customer services experience whether it is for CMTO’s Cellular Mobile Telecom Operators or Fixed line operators (more or less nature of customer complaints resembles in telecom industry):

  1. Empower Customers, by providing customers solution like Web Self Service, Voice Self Service and forums to help customers to solve their queries by helping each other.
  2. Establish a knowledge foundation, to enable representatives to give information at instant about all the information customers are seeking. (it must be one click away)
  3. Seamless Process designing, like customer all past history or current complaints data must be made available to CSRs so that they make customer experience better.
  4. Empower Front line Employees, provide single click access in contact center with all the information they are retrieving for response to customer.
  5. Be proactive in communications, to develop loyalty with customers as well with resolving of complaints.

I hope, all of Pakistani Telecom service providers will increase more focus towards customer service experience programs.

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