Zong Introduces ‘TakeOne’, a Video Sharing Services

zong_takeoneZONG has introducing an advanced service of its kind TakeOne that lets subscribers share videos, pictures etc with just a click to anywhere in the world.

Through this GPRS backed application based service, the subscribers can share their memorable moments with friends and family using multiple channels such as

  • Any Cell Phone
  • Facebook, You Tube, Flickr, Picasa and many more
  • Any Email Address

How to Subscribe

  • Write a message “TAKEONE” and send it to 343 (it will cost you Rs2+tax)
  • User receives SMS with WAP link to download application
  • User clicks on the WAP Link
  • If user’s phone is supported he is shown the download link
  • After the installer is downloaded, the installation starts
  • Once the installation is complete, the application starts
  • When the application starts – it sends ACTIVATION SMS to 223 (Rs. 25+tax for one month)
  • When system receives ACTIVATION SMS, the user is activated at the backend and he can start sharing his photos and videos – user will also receive a Welcome SMS.
  • Your subscription will renew every month, if sufficient balance is found in your account.

How to share Videos and Pictures?

If the user has Symbian device – he can just open the camera and take a photo or video.
The moment he shoots a photo/video – he gets a prompt to share the photo/video.

If the user has a JAVA device – he can go to ‘File Manager/Organizer’ > Applications/Games > TakeOne (It will be an icon), you can start this application and select the picture or video to share…! simple


  • Rs. 25 plus tax per month for unlimited video and photo sharing, but GPRS charges will apply as per you plan.

How to unsubscribe the service?

You can unsubscribe/deactivate the TakeOne service by:

  1. Sending a SMS with keyword <UNSUB>’ to 343.
  2. You can call the Customer Care and get the service deactivated.

For further reading click here or call your help line

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

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  • Did anyone knew that Zong has blocked “Google.com.pk”. I am using Zong Unlimited Interent package and came to know that I cannot use Google search because ZONG blocked it. Any one knows the reason and will propakistani cover article on that!

    • @Omer,
      Dear, Im also using unlimited Zong GPRS
      all you do is to use m.google.com to open it in Mobile
      Download Google Software from it and then over
      Any time you need to search something
      Open the Install App (Small in size-Needs no Loading)

      and give your Keywords for search and it will search
      Again if you found the problem that it open sometimes and not sometimes just give an extra SPACE at the end of your keywords

      Good Luck

    • @Omer, Yes, ZoNG had blocked some google sites but unblocked all google services from 26 december, 2008 after PTA forced them to resolve the problem. Now you can check gmail and google.com sites on your PC.

  • no no no zong is not blocking any url from google. i have vfone and i also can not use google.com, adsense, gmail and any other google service. i think this problem in the googles servers or in the mega servers

  • If ZoNG is not blocking it then it seems that google.com site is unaccessable via WIRELESS connections on PC like ZoNG EDGE, Vfone, WorldCall etc. I can access all google sites on my mobile through WAP browser/ Opera Mini software. Also GMAIL java software is working well on my Samsung mobile.But I can’t open Google.com site when using my ZoNG edge connection on PC.
    All Google sites are fully accessable on my broadband cable DeltaNet connection. ZoNG is using Cybernet connection. May be Cybernet is responsible for it! Can anyone confirm it?

  • I am unable to open google.com or google.com.pk on ZoNG.
    I am using ShoZu for sharing photos and videos. Its free and supports lots of website, Why should I pay Rs. 25 per month for this “amazing” service?

    • @Irfan,
      Hello there. Even I am facing same problem with Zong, I wonder why our Propakistani is still not having article on it. I am really waiting for that.

  • This “TakeOne” java midlet doesn’t support most of Samsung mobiles due to absense of camera related API (like JSR 234). ZoNG’s software was successfully installed on my Samsung E200 and I have successfully activated my account as well. Also addition of third party service “Photobucket” was successful but when I tried to start camera from this software, a “please wait…” message appeared which hanged the mobile.

    Actually, my mobile name is not in supported devices list of “TakeOne” software. So, Now I have unsubscribed this service.

    Zong should improve “TakeOne” software by giving a feature to add photos/ videos directly from mobile’s internal and external memory. This will dramatically increase the support to many mobiles including Samsung E200, D900, D900i, D880, D780 etc.

  • Dears, I can easily access Google via PTCL’s Internet. When I called ZONG’s helpline (310), they told em that ZONG blocked it instead of mentioning any problem. Is this problem same with Ufone and Mobilink too? I am using Internet with PC!

    • @Omer, Today, I have checked JAZZ gprs on PC and I can access google.com site on PC browser but JAZZ internet rates are too high (1.29 rupees per 64KB data). Too expensive also much slower than ZoNG EDGE connection!!

      • @Usman Afzal,
        Usman Mobilinks is offereing Unlimited Free GRPS/Internet on Postpaid for Rs.500+31%tax with no data limit.
        I was thinking of porting to Mobilink because Zong’s Internet is really kiling me and their staff refuse to note any complain easily.
        But, thanks for opening my eyes. Any experience with Ufone, I am thinkin about their Unlimited Internet for postpaid which is for 650+31%tax and is expensive than both others!

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