Nokia Shows Entire Kashmir a Part of Pakistan – Violent Indian Mobs Burn Down Nokia Outlets

Post by Farhan Janjua of Wizardies

kashmir_nokia_mapNokia Kashmir Mapping controversy caused a wild protest by the youth wing of Indian Political Party BJP. MSN India reported that Nokia Mapping software was showing entire Kashmir as a part of Pakistan. The youth wing of BJP acting wildly, entered into a Nokia store in Jabalpur city and broke out the shop and burnt mobile phones.

BJP accused Nokia for being involved in anti-nationalism activities and claimed it “a case of anti-nationalism. We demanded that the Nokia and other people involved in the conspiracy be booked for spreading anti-national activities. We will intensify the protest if this case has not been registered.”

Nokia officials immediately issued an apology note stating that this mistake was so unfortunate. They further stated that it was an older version of Nokia Maps and the error has now been fixed. Nokia also clarified that Nokia Maps sources all maps and imagery from Navteq Inc.

The shop owner called burning the store unjustifiable saying:  “This is the problem of Nokia and we are not concerned with it as we are merely shop owners, not the client of the company. But, the manner in which the mob entered and started torching the shop is bad,” said Rafiq Khan, the Nokia showroom owner.”

Kashmir mapping has always been controversial among the two countries. If we see the international mapping agencies, they seem to be quite correct while mapping; as either to be showing Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir as a part of Pakistan or showing the entire territory with doted lines which represents it as a disputed territory. And if we see the historical maps, they show the entire Kashmir region, even Chandigarh as a part of Pakistan. Having a look at the Pakistani versions of Kashmir Maps, they show it quite correct with a doted line and a statement “territory undefined” or “disputed territory”

Facts and history shows that Kashmir is indeed an integral part of Pakistan, but if we have a look at the Indian version of Kashmir region, they show the entire Kashmir region including Gilgit-Baltistan (foremly known as Northern Areas of Pakistan) as a part of India. Particulary, on the websites of so called TV channels like NDTV, but I we never logged a protest about it. Why is it so? is it like we are less patriotic? or we are lightening our claim over the territory? Do let us know via comments form.