IT Industry in Pakistan: Challenges

Guest Post by Masroor

Information Technology has strong roots in Pakistan but it is not of that scale what it should be and the main reason behind it is lack of R&D, lack of education facilities and most important is lack of heavy investments.

All under developing nation including Pakistan do not put any part for research and development of IT in their annual budgets. To achieve the goal we need our professionals to have research facilities like China did in the start, and is now far ahead from many nations.

Secondly, in Pakistan the higher education facility in IT department is only available in three metropolitan cities, which are Karachi, Lahore and Pindi-Islamabad. The education facility should be provided to other cities and town to have the cream that can increase the strength of this technology in Pakistan. This make only selected cities to get entertained from the light while others remain clueless.

The most important factor is that local market does have professional strength but it lacks investments from corporations and big giants. In India many software houses have grown from private funds to public limited companies and consequently it has grown to become IT hub for Southeast Asian nations.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I am agree with you and R&D is important for us all in IT area but we have one problem if Gov some how which is impossible issue budget for R&D for IT big khaper will come and take over it you can see the example like big IT companies what they are doing they are sucking blood of good people and feed only boon to there employee. THE big three cities you talked about i am disagree here cause we don’t have such institute or such facility for IT the old goons :P which have done PHD’s have old concept really old like graveyard and they don’t left there places for new generation to come and teach as we all know this very well the IT is changing rapidly personal websites now are blogs fourms are social community and those phd old guys dont have knowledge for website either :P they had done phd in such lam subject and hold positions for new people hold system education system is corrupt.

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