Rumor: Recieving Party will Pay Call on Ufone with Collect Call

We are told by reliable sources that Ufone is introducing a new and interesting package. Under this package, you will be able to make free calls, yes… FREE calls, instead all call will be charged on receivers’ end. Isn’t it interesting?

In other words, if Party A calls Party B, then party B will pay the bill.

We are told that Ufone will launch this package very soon, sometime this week.

No words yet on the details of the package, but apparently, both the parties (calling and receiving) should have Collect Call in order to avail the facility. The idea of collect call has been tested well in US and Europe and it is considered as a good strategy to increase ARPU.

Husbands and Boyfriends are advised to stay away from this Package : – P

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  • pk

    what a fonderful idea, now my Gal will pay the bill, she is not my ‘husband’ neither ‘boyfriend’ : ) cheers…

  • SANA


    • pk

      @SANA, yeah I do agree with you : )

  • Nayni

    “Husbands and Boyfriends are advised to stay away from this Package : – P ”

    Then what is the USE of this package ???? :-P

  • Anon

    This is something similar to Telenor’s call me back

  • Holy mother of Google!

    this is hell for guys like me. I am glad my GF doesn’t read this blog or watch TV much :D

    There is no way she can find out about this package. Muhaha

  • MUhammad Kamran

    Foolish idea!

    In our country where already call rates are very cheap…..than why this kind of package will be launched.

    And secondly, people will take undue advantage of this service….
    Like people are giving MISS BELLS for nothing……….

    Lets c what happens………

  • Farhan

    Ufone launched this package… Ads of this Package is nor on air on tv channels…and you can check for further details..Or Just Click this link for direct link to this package info… They Name This Package “Ufone Collect Call”…

  • Hanan

    this is a good service. and its made for emergency time. when u don’t have balance and u have to make a call to someone to receive u from any place then u can use this service. YOU KIDS GROW UP