Creating Ideas to Promote Technology

During the last two years under the leadership of Khalid Khan Science and Technology Department of NWFP has gone miles away. They have conducted 3 Science Model Competitions for students and general public to motivate the creative talent of the country. Their winner of competition has make the point and one of them has been selected to present Pakistan in the US for the creative work he has done so far.

Khalid Khan, a very creative and passionate man in nature has motivated his entire team to build a broad base for the development of science and technology in the country. He has now floated the idea of ideas Bank with current, PLS and Business account and the ideas developer will be paid accordingly. They will also offer these ideas to industrialists and common man for solution of their problems.

According to Mr. Khalid Khan, if any one needs any financial assistance in for research, he may ask the ideas bank to provide the solution and get the right payment. “We also involve media to help and identify the ideas where study is needed and we will engage the university students to do the job”, said Mr. Khan.

Khalid Khan while speaking with ProPakistani assured that we will first aware the public especially the students about science and technology. Our science model competitions have done a very good job regarding this type of awareness. We have involved at least 2000 creative minds to develop the local technologies in next 2 years. In every science model competition we will select ten best technologies from people and the students and promote them.

As telecom is growing so we want to prepare a study about the future needs and potential of this sector. We will definitely use this pool of creative minds to prepare such devices which can be helpful for our telecom sector. Mobile sets manufacturing is one of those aspects and we are optimistic that our scientists will head towards the right way.

Energy saving is another aspect which we want to focus. We may develop some light hydel power generators who could generate few mega watts of energy for a single village.

The vision is clear as told by the Khalid Khan. Projects from fan manufacturing industry to screw industry are identified to make the development form the base.

After meeting Khalid Khan and while returning back from Peshawar, I was thinking that this type of agile and spirited individual is asset of any nation. These may be not in Numbers but they can be the nation builders if they are allowed to work in the same spirit.

In the next few columns I will insha-Allah introduce some of the bright stars who have been the stars of the show.

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