Breaking: Orascom Decides to Sell LinkDotNet

link-dot-netOrascom has finally announced its intention to sell its internet arm, LINKdotNet to Mobinil – an Egyptian Company for Mobile Services. The offer was approved by the ECMS Board of Directors on February 20, 2009.

This sellout of Link Dot Net will include internet operations in all countries including Pakistan, where Link Dot Net is operating.

Mobinil is the largest operator in the market, and according to figures from the Mobile World database, has a market share of around 48%.

Link Dot Net Pakistan will also go with LinkDotNet global entity, meaning that Link Dot Net Pakistan will be controlled by Mobinill after this sale-out.

When speaking with a top level official at Link Dot Net (Pakistan), he confirmed us that the evaluation is under process and Link Dot Net Pakistan will be handed over to Mobinil if deal gets matured.

Update: However, in a recent communication with Link Dot Net PK Spokesperson, she ruled out any chances of LDN PK’s link with this sale-out. She clearly said that LDN PK is true subsidiary of Orascom and will not be sold out with its global internet operations.

At the same time, we may need to look at official press release of Orascom offering LDN for Sale – it says “The sale of LINKdotNet to ECMS represents another key step in the implementation of our stated strategy to dispose of our non-core assets and focus on our GSM businesses.”

It merits mentioning here that Pakistan Mobile Communication Limited (PMCL) had requested Pakistan Telecommunication Limited to transfer licenses of its affiliated companies that includes, Dancom Online, World Online, Link Direct, Mobilink, Intouch etc. to their respective individual licenses.

We are still waiting for any announcment regarding speculated sale out of Mobilink’s 26 percent shares!

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  • I think LINKdotNET Pakistan will be taken over by Mobilink’s (not Mobinil) BroadBand Unit (BBU). They are already offering wireless (WiMAX) services for last few months and I think with the blend of wire-line (DSL, Dialup) they can try offering Internet services using all contemporary technologies. This gives and option for Mobilink to penetrate well into the market OR gets sold altogether (mobilink+ldn) at once (instead of being 2 separate entities).
    Could you please reconfirm about Mobinil taking over LDN PK as well?

    • I spoke with this guy myself and he said “the evaluation is under process and Link Dot Net Pakistan will be handed over to Mobinil (along with LDN Egypt) if deal gets matured”

      • Now this is very strange as there has been no (even) logical link between Mobinil and LDNPK. Anyway let’s see…how OTH lets it 2 giants Mobinil (via LDNPK) and Mobilink fight over the same set of so-called 20million broadband customers in Pakistan.

        • Link Dot Net Pakistan comes under Link Dot Net Egypt (as per LDN Pak chief).

          I believe, Orascom is planning to invest time and money into its core-business, that is GSM.

  • I was contacted on my cel by a marketing person claiming to be marketing for the linkdotnet DSL links 1mb for rs. 850 unlimited. according to him linkdotnet is acquired by mobilink now and will be in competition with PTCL so that is why offering low rates, but i found no official source to confirm this, so i am heistant. he was reluctant to come to my residence and let me have the modem and pay him in advance for the 1 mb link amount. he says 1 mb is for 850 and 2 mb is for 1400, both unlimited.

  • , the MOST WORST services any where, dial-up is much better then this sluggish service, and in support the people are even not like intermediate. I would rather recommend use dial rather then using this service. The people there lie about everything. I have only slang words for of Orascom).

    MAXCOM is the is the best service.

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