Mobilink Vs Ufone – Decide Yourself

We had posted below image scan few days ago, in which Ufone packages are being compared with Mobilin. These photo copies are reportedly distributed on all franchises and retailor throughout north Pakistan.

ufone_mobilink1While, in another image that we received today through Shahzad Khan, Mobilink has come up with a similar sort of comparison – but with different impression and results, check your self below!


Isn’t it complex? Can you conclude which package is better? Discuss in Comments!

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  • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

    They are trying to show the positive side of their only one selected package only ….. i dnt know why they act like this …. do they think people are fool ???

  • Jansher

    Asslam-u-Alikum! I dnt knw wat Mobilink thinks dat ppl r fool. B4 comparing there rates, there hidden taxes r too much and network is always down. I dnt how dat new add say ‘JAZZ ho our awaaz na aiey, ye aise hosakta hai’. U com to kasur and get t0o knw dat every first call made frm jazz gets error in different ways like u get ur own voice back and other errors. day r earning just like in these ways. If u call more dan a min than definately ufone is cheaper than any network in Pakistan.

    • Abubakar

      simple … Jazz is better for ppl … woh like short calls & Ufone is good for who are callin fread … no ofence

    • Abubakar

      pai G … kadi kita use Jazz???

      mein 6 saal se use karda piya vaan JAZZ … koe masla nae … sivae rate zyada hon day … hun O masla V nae riya

      • Anjuman Rauf

        o janab hajay v jazz alaiyan de rates bohte ne tussi ufon istamal kro g

        • Anjuman Rauf

          I love my ufon

  • Nabeel

    I think the comparison by Ufone is stretching the limits…how can one person subscribe to both Uwon and Ufone 3 minute package at same time. I mean if you want to make shorter call then Uwon and longer than Ufone 3 minute…this is ridiculous especially when they charge Rs. 25 to convert. Moreover, i have checked from there website and these Ufone rates are only for Ufone to Ufone calls whereas comparsion given by Jazz below compares the call rats to call other network which is more important i suppose. Ufone had been doing so well but this time they are blatantly telling lies by comparing 2 packages at same time, doing telling that these rates are for Ufone to Ufone calling only. I mean i use Ufone butmore than 50% of time i am calling other networks and you know what they charge Rs. 3.2 for other networks in 3 minute package which you dont see above. I think Jazz is being more honset and economical with these new rates.

    • Mohammad Qasim

      U r right abt Ufone. but mobilink is also not that cheap. I have all 5 mobile opts sims and I found Zong is the best in all way… As a neighboring and Best reliable friend of Pakistan we should promote and support China and chinise products…as a best wisher of Pakistani………:)

  • دونوں جھوٹے اور لٹیرے ہیں

  • Postman

    Dear Qasim,
    This is a business my dear. Never think and try to promote your “Good Neughbour” at the cost of your own country’s economy. China is a Giant and if u think that they r giving u favour by doing telecom business in Pakistan, then u should must know that they r just doing businiess and earning money from this SIM nation. They are cheating us by highlighting 65 paisa call charges. They never highlight that this is a 30 second billing.

    • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

      they have mentioned about 30 sec billing

  • Samz

    of course we people are fool jab hi tou accumulated customer based both companies ki around 5 crore hai!!!

  • bigtugboat

    I totally agree with DuFFeR here:)

  • now i came 2 knw k mobilink kstrhan 1hr mn 6-8crore revenew earn krta he. well simple conclusion iz :jazz students k lia nai he! na sirf voice bal k data rates b expensive hain, isiliye mobilink k wimax ne b penetration market mn kam ki he,wateen ki trhan . lets hope WI-TRIBE kch bhala krde wimax rates mn users k lia.

  • sheikh

    why comparin. i think ppl r sensible enuf ta decide themself vo0t suits their usage..u r comparin on both on diffrnt grounds.

  • Baloch

    ufone is better than jazz.

  • hello friendz i wanna convert my zong number to mobilink so plz tell me how to convert i shall b very thnks full.dr hadi

  • shah saud

    its depend upon the user that who call to what numbers mostly,
    if they use jazz one,so its helpful for jazz only but not for other netwoprks,
    if some one use u-1 so it is best for ufone only,
    but simply now a days double sim jacket mobile is also avialiable in market ,so any one use two sims at atime,

  • omer

    moblink has earned a name……….i m the user os mobilink since its opening. i got teh number when it was og 6 digit…….. by the pesage of time, in converted into 7………..

  • AhmadNawaz

    salam..ufone is better in all their coverage quality, voice quality, clarity, data services.
    they gives lowest sms rates, edge/gprs packages on prepar (other give on post connection with data limit while on ufone postpay there is no limit) there packages can be extended. they never had any hidden charges. you can convert freely to any new packages. only ufone gives Rs 10 rupee loan. call collect servies. …. etc…etc
    rock ufone…rock pakistan

  • Faqir Kashif Tahir


    I used almost all types of networks but jo maza Ufone ka hai woh kisi or mein nahein. But the new packages introduced by UFONE are totally fraud. I have calculated the Bill and I was charged 56% Tax. and Help line said that their billing is accurate. So i get back to the previous pakage. But over all UFONE is the best.

  • Malik M Nasir Awan

    UFONE is the best company, I think the new packages introduce after/in June 2009 is the best 30 sec and 1 min calling rates among all telecom companies

  • Arshad Ali

    Main thu Ye Kehta Hon k Ufone Jazz se Behtar Hai har lihaz se i use jazz but i am tottaly with ufone i love ufone

  • ufone is best for all youngs

  • sonia

    u-fone is best for students i guess:)

    • anila aslam

      Ufone was best for students…

      now Warid Glow is even Better for students :)

  • Adeel

    Ufone is much batter than Jazz.

  • Hussain

    An ex guru who started mobile in Pakistan told me that all mobile companies target a figure they want/must get out of customers.

    Rest of the things are just fooling around. No package is cheaper in total. Who cares his package is of 50 sec or 60 sec.

    Mobile operators are here for business, not running Edhi welfare centers.

    Don’t think about charges, think usage.

  • Malik Aamir Ghallu



  • Mana seth

    sub bakwas hai. logoon ko bewaqoof banaya ja raha hai. aur log bun bhi rahay hain.



  • i want to change my sim connection from ufone to jazz? any one help me

  • ali

    yaar both connections are good.. now both have strict competition in market. the real thing is money. if u have balance in ur mobile connection than every connection is good, bus network zarur theek hona chahiye.

  • sadia

    i wanna know that how we can take loan in jazz? ,,, tell me the Procedure please

  • Hi friends,main ab bhi jazz istimal kr raha houn,koi masla nahi he,agar ufone aur jazz dono ko daikha jaye to jazz zyada behter hey,kyun kay iskay customers bohat zyada hain aur hum asani sey koi pkg laga kam chala skte hain aur agar bat ki jay ufone ki to iske customer itne zyada nahi hain han yeh bat aur he kay iski offers sab networks sey zyada achi hoti hain…main apko yeh advise doun ga kay agar apki family ya friends zyada jaz use krti he to ap bhi jaz krain aur agar ufone he to ufone kran… KHUDA HAFIZ

  • Muneeb Ahmed Zia

    Ufone sab se acha hai Q K ufone ke packages buhat alaa hain aur ufone ka Internet bhi acha hai 300 rupe mai 6 GB internet de rahe hain aur speed bhi achi hai
    zyada se zyada 10 second lagte hain aik webpage load hone main
    ufone pr SMS packages bhi sab se ache hain
    1:1 saal mai 100000 SMS aur vo bhi sirf 666 rupe main
    2:1 mahinay mai 9000 SMS aur vo bhi sirf 80 rupe main
    3:15 din mai 2500 SMS sirf 25 rupe main
    4 kisi bhi network par 1 din ke liya 500 SMS sirf 3.99 rupe main
    5:Sirf ufone ke nerwork par 500 SMS 1.99 rupe main
    Aur finally kisi bhi network par 500 SMS,500 MMS, aur 5 MB mobipe internet sirf 5 rupe main!!!il
    abhi calling package ka to mjhe itna nahi pata likn baghair package ke bhi calling buhat sasti hai aur i recommend ufone more than any other nnetwork in Pakistan
    plz plz agar aap ko koi additional information mjhe batani hai to.plz plz mjhe email kar den
    [email protected]
    ya mere phone number pr mjh se baat kar len

  • Fiaz umar

    Bhai g ap ufone ke esite par ja kr sing up ko kr apna number likho or jis ke name pe sim hai os ka cnic number likho or password choice kr lo or baad mein verification code jo deya ho wo likh dena g or submit kr dena g or baad mein ap ke number par sms ke through ap ko wo ek code behjy gen g ap wo code likh deena or enter kr dena ap or ap ka profile baan jaye ga g or wha se ap sim ke har wk cheez maloom kr sakty hai g or cahnge be.
    Fiaz umar

  • waleed ahmed

    ufone is best