All on-net Calls @ Rs. 2 per 3 minutes: PTCL


PTCL has introduced this one rate package that is applicable on all local/NWD/PTCL to Vfone calls. As per this package, all calls will be charged Rs. 2 for a pulse duration of three minutes.

Be informed that all PTCL subscribers are shifted to this package by default.

Important points to be noted

  • Local Call Duration is now 3 minutes
  • This tariff change has automatically come into effect from the 1st of March 2009 irrespective of the package
  • New Tariff is applicable even if you have Pakistan Plus. After you consume nationwide limit of 2500 minutes, calls will be charged at Rs. 2 per 3 minutes

In case of any confusion, Dial 1236 from your PTCL Number

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  • Shall any tax be added to this 2 rupees for three minutes? If yes, 21% or 15% or how much?

  • I guess it is not really about reducing prices, its about simplification and offering the lowest market rates. Which they have managed quite well in the message. Now inorder for you to really use PTCL all you have to do is dial and start talking given that your phone works. PTCL has potential but for that they have to improve there customer service.

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