Proposed Health Alert System for Mobile Companies

As mentioned earlier by Aamir Attaa about TAXI Fare via SMS, I thought of yet another service if possible for our operators to give it to us. This service can be named as Remote Health Checkup – Keep Reading to know what actually it will be.

Now, this concept is nothing but getting your loved ones health updates on central system. There are times in our lives when we leave our elder parents back home but at the same time, we want them not to fall down (due to bad health). So, this system will detect such instances, such as no activity, fall alert, Personal reminders and similar. In case of any issues, system would let the customer know or your emergency numbers about happenings. Check this for an example Fall Alert



Telco’s can offer these services themselves, or they can partner with third parties for the purpose. Mobile companies can not only charge though monthly subscriptions but from calls that will be made by the system.

Now such alert systems aren’t confined to Health care only. There can be other related services for telecom companies to offer – such if they put a SIM with location identifier module and tie it with wrist band for our children, military, or other loved ones to know their estimated locations in case of emergencies. There is whole broad spectrum for this topic. I would love feed back.

Note: Did I say “I copyrighted this idea” : – ) – Just Kidding!!!

  • There is not mere 21% tax but with holding tax of 9% and 5% Service charges one and only of its type in the world.

    But the idea is nice if worked as non profit and sincerely.

  • my idea is for moblie or telephone sevice
    is that “in ramzan or in normal days many person face this problem that when the far from
    their home then donot know the time of namaz what time the jamaat should stand and what time it should qaza
    in many parties like(suni,bralvi,ahli -hadiees ,ahli-tashie etc)

    and not know the actual time of namaz so they should ask to the other people
    and find the timming of nazam so they also west the time

    my idea is that you provide a servies in which user send and sms wtih it location and
    party name ( suni,bralvi,ahli -hadiees ,ahli-tashie etc) and

    you provide that time(what namza they read fajar zohar aser magrib eisha) in which they read namaz and who much time remainning the that the jamaat
    stand and if user ask when the time of namaz is qaza so u provide the time who
    much time pass the namaz was qazq so that in the next time they should be appeare for
    namaz on the time

    it my idea the english ues is very weak but u understand it..

    roll no.ct-037

  • Yes buddy you are really a deep thinker. As telco’s consider future business depending mainly upon VAS (Value Added Services) so the idea is very much of interest. This could be a whole program offering alerts as per any custom made schedule i.e. wakeup alarm, good morning sms, Namaz time alerts etc, though the amount of work is supposed to be quite huge on the part of telco’s yet the outcome is also supposed to be state-of-the-art.

    Definitely certain services are already in place like time scheduler is available by downloading required software on your cell phone but this is a big idea and would be a big consolidate addition in VAS.

    It must be worked out by telco’s.

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