Ufone Quietly Takes Back SMS Delivery Notification Service

Ufone will not be sending Delivery Report Notifications of text messages anymore – at least for now. Ufone has quietly taken back this useful service back, without informing its customers, to maximize its SMS traffic capacity.

It may be recalled that Ufone had recently announced its Unlimited SMS Package. We don’t have official confirmation about Ufone’s system choking but reportedly Ufone customers have reported delays in SMS deliveries. Consequently, SMS delivery Notification service was taken back to enhance capacity.

Ufone should invest more on increasing SMS capacity instead of disabling service add-ons. By the way, Telenor recently invested money to increase its SMS traffic capacity by 250 percent.

Ufone’s spokesman was not available for the comment, however, we will update this page as soon as we will receive official view point of the company.

  • thats a really bad thing , by comparing these tactices , i feel telenor has much positive approach as compare to mobilink and ufone. And with a negative approach one cannot lead the market.

  • Yes, I am experiencing the same problem. It’s not good to offer a service and take others back. Most probably, I’ll use any other network, possibly zong for sms needs.

    • I know I am kind of concerned as well but in all fairness I did receive an SMS from Ufone stating they will not be offering this service temporary

  • Yeah its really creating problem. Unless we don’t get delivery report, we can’t be sure if our message is delivered or not. What kind of new service is this if they are degrading the quality of their already provided service. They should continue it again otherwise people will use other RELIABLE services.

  • Assalaamualaikum,

    Yes, I have noticed this today that ufone is not sending delivery reports anymore. That’s sad.

  • ya it is not good deactivating sms dlivery report ufone should again start it.i m thinking to change my sim to zong

  • you are absolutely right.
    delivery reports are disabled and this is really disappointing for people like me.
    i never come to know that whether my GF got my msg or not??
    ufone: ab kiya tum nahi ho???

  • I believe that was an added service and they must have taken that step to efficiently utilize their sms traffic. Priority should be given to SMS that are to be delivered, i’ve heard from alot of my friends who use ufone SMS service is not doing good these days, so I think it is a good step atleast to ensure the proper delivery of SMS

  • Yes thats very bad decision by ufone. I think this is the right time to switch to other network.

    Rafaqat Ali Ranjha

  • hi, does any1 have the market breakdown of pakistan’s postpaid segment,i.e.,which company has how many postpaid subscribers.How many subscribers has Telenor succeded in adding through its new PERSONA campaign? it will be a helpful addition to propakistani’s articles.

  • Yesterday i got an sms from ufone in which they claimed that to provide the best sms quality … we are taking back the delivery option back…. :(
    so i think now onwards you have to send an sms to ur friend and then call him to ask that if he got the message :D


    The service by which when the call ends on warid , the balance pops up , warid is taking it back ..

    I am sad to know this

  • And i m getting DUNKIN DONUTS deal msg and UFONE Edge USB msg. If they got some space in bottle neck, they could have given it to consumers.

  • the service has become the worst and there is no customer care and no action is being taken on customer complain,i just now hate ufone.

  • sms delivery report was a great service, I am disappointed with the decision of Ufone to get this service back. at least the respective operator should do a sms survey before getting back a valuable service like this. I hope this service will be back but Ufone its really really bad specially for getting back this service permanently

  • ya acha hoga hamary liay k ufone waly balnce chak karny ka liay jo 12 paicy katy ha is ko band kary bahot bora kar rahy ha ya log aisa zulm nahe karna chahey .

  • ufone walo ko chahey 15% tax ka bajay 5% tax katy . bahot zulam ha aisa karna 15% hum log parashan ho jaty ha jab balnce chak karty ha to muft ma ham logo sa 15 rupy katy howy ha. so sad its not good

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