Confirmed: Link Dot Net to Double DSL Speed for its Users

After PTCL, Link Dot Net is upgrading DSL connection speed for all of its customers. An inside source has confirmed us that connection speed will be doubled for every existing customer, while new connections will be charged at half prices as well.

512kbps –> 1mbps
1mbps –> 2mbps
2mbps –> 4 mbps

For New Connections

1 mbps = Rs. 1200
2 mbps = Rs. 2000
4 mbps = Rs. 3900

LDN Help line (111-600-111) is also confirming this upgrade.

Important: Link Dot Net will take 3 weeks to upgrade all its customers – so wait for your turn to get double speed.

Let me know when your connection is upgraded ; – ) Long Live Pakistani ISPs

Update: Link Dot Net Customers are receiving below email

Dear Valued Customer,

LINKdotNET feels immense pleasure to announce a special Spring offer on LINK DSL packages for all. Now, we give you an amazing experience of DOUBLE SPEED on your existing LINK DSL account which has automatically been upgraded to the double bandwidth.

Current Package: Link 1M (1Mbps bandwidth with 24 hrs. Unlimited Downloads)
New Package: Link 2M (2Mbps bandwidth with 24 hrs. Unlimited Downloads)

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGE in your monthly package price. With the double speed, there is practically no limit to having a greater Internet experience and maximum fun!!

Please note that you shall experience this double speed on your existing account without any change in the price or hardware settings and this upgrading process will take two weeks from now.

We hope to keep presenting such wonderful offers to our Link family.

For further queries and details, kindly contact us at 24 hrs. Helpline 111600111 or visit

LINKdotNET always looks forward to providing you with the best services and maximum convenience.


Customer Care Services

An ORASCOM Telecom Company
Voice: 92 42 111600111
Fax: 92 42 5833277

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • link dot net also offering 30% discount to all colleges,universities and schools with only a valid Institution Card !!

    Gr8 Offr !

    • @ Haris!!!!
      R u sure they r offering to”ALL UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS” students as u mentioned, since when I got connection two months back this package was limited to 4~5 colleges of lahore only.
      It should be there since ptcl covers lots of universities.

      • I think they are offering it to all students regardless of the institution…this means I am now getting a 1mb connection for like…900 rupees…THAT’S AWESOME. Long live competitive pricing!! :P

  • First of all, I congratulate this blog’s maintainers & writers for bringing timely IT and telecom news to the masses. In today’s competitive business environment it is important for the consumers to have the most recent news to make proper choices.

    Secondly – this definitely does not comes as a surprise. LINkdotNET has been continuously trying to keep up with PTCL and these kind of decisions show that they are in for the long haul. My concern is only how this offer will perform in the long run – infrastructural limitations will crop up when it comes to the implementation of the 4mb packages but let’s hope the companies are prepared for it! Right now I think it is a positive step for the consumers across the country because they will be able to enjoy broadband internet as it is no longer a ‘costly’ thing.

    Syed Azfar Ali.

      • You’re most welcome, Aamir. I look forward to reading more posts on this blog. As an expatriate visiting Pakistan, it is sites like yours that give off a positive outlook for the country. I also appreciate the interviews of various industry insiders you have posted here. Keep up the good work!

        – Azfar.

      • Dear:
        bhool kar be na lagwana because student package may unexpeted amount payable ka issuse hai aur disconnection kay baad yeah log line be nahi clear kartay aur dues daal tay rahtay hai so beaware of this thanks

  • Hi all,

    Link Dot Net is one of the top ISP in pakistan, company has all types of Links like DSL, VPN, Wimax, ISDN, Wireless, Radio, mailing Add:, Domain hosting, and also Dial up links….
    So I think Link Dot Net is better than all ISP’s and also its support is 24 hrs available engineers at support on Help line and also costomer permisis….

    So use the Link DSL or Dial up or which u probabily need it..

    Karar shah Telecomm Eng:

      • Dear but as far as my Opinion Link Team Is Working at His Best to Provide the Best Solution to his Client.As per my Experience when ever i call they resolve my Issue Over the Call where as other……Sir we are sending our team…………….
        I think they Came From moonnnnnnnnnn

  • AOA all,
    no doubt link dsl is providing best service and i am glad to know about new rates. moreover customer service of link dsl is excellent speacialy their cso executive at lahore office helped me a lot… link is the best ppl

  • Hello, is it possible to use PTCL DSL Line in turbat makran? if yes then how. if not then why not.

  • i need to use DSL line in Turbat makran. simple ptcl internet is very slow. how can i make my net fast here in my city Turbat makran , and by the way still there isnt any fiber optic system. please help me to solve my problem about slow internet.

  • AOA all,

    dear all after this news limk dot net speed just like a dial up speed on DSL connection.any link dot net customer check the sprrd on LDN DSL connection and share the experience.


  • Thats a really great news, i think of having a LDN Connection soon. Would somebody tell me the edge of LDN over PTCL Broadband if any?

    • i was using ptcl dsl 512 package. my connection was not working fine for last 2 months and after complaining about 10 complaints, all i could do was just hoping for miracle. ptcl staff told me that it can be my telephone line, but when i asked for, on hte same line i am getting 58kb download speed.

      my never hangs.
      aztech modem they gave me is looking good in performance.
      customer support is better than ptcl.

      (but my ptcl connection was doing good for 9 months my speed was 60 kb wich came down to 52kb and eventually it started to hang up, dsl light started to blink and i was in hell for 2 months) so i switched to .

      link has been good for me for last one month but link has one disadvantage and that is their upload. ptcl UL was 25kb but link max UL is 15 Kb on same package of 512.

  • Not only LDN offering offers to students, it also gives you a wi-fi dsl router and access point just for 100 Rs per month on rent. On the other end PTCL only gives you ZTE Box which has no wifi in it. You would have to perchase a wifi router from market which is 2700 Rs approximately.

  • Dear Friends

    any one knows about the forum where we can get help for jobs and space for internship in ISPS working in lahore…..if nothing then please creat a blogs and invites the emplyees of these ISPS and help for jobless……..Thx

  • Any news of WorldCall changing their packages? I would love to move over to link DOT net, but DSL service is horrible on my shoddy phone line.

    Thanks for a great blog!

  • Friend,i think there is rare chances of world call to come up with double speed same link LINKdotNET and PTCL, although LDN upgradations are going very fine and services are some time give me a tough time but over all it’s good.

  • Guys i need help. I just want a new internet connection and i m confused between PTCL n Linkdotnet. And just want to ask everyone which is the better broadband PTCL or Linkdotnet i just need a good decent downloading speed………. Thanks

  • Hi Mohsin,
    If you need quality services then you should go for LINKdotNET, PTCL is not bad but i always faced downtime specially in peak hrs,for more details you can call:111-600-111 or visit:

    i am also getting some value added services with my 1MB Dsl Package like(Gaming Portal, Hello (social Portal0 and much more)

    • i am also using , but my connection is still not updated. i am still surfing on 61 kb dowload speed for 512 kb connection.

      and what is this gaming port, i mean how to use it ? any one has idea about it ?

      • thank GOd. my speed is doubled.
        link users were worried that when they will get max speed. now i think they will soon gona get that.

        my speed is 113 KB for 1mb. i mean downloading at this speed continuously.

    • Thanks for the help Neha. And yes i think Ptcl Buzz is providing good entertainment package for its customers i recently visitd n am quite fascinated by this gamin & movies stuff n i dont know if LDN is providing somethin like this but bcz everyone here preferring LDN for its good services m going for ldn connection soon.

  • @ Mohsin:
    If you want to be linked with QUALITY, Then just get a link of LINKdotNET.
    Gaming Portal you just need to register, a very simple 1 minute procedure. FREEEEE backup of dial up also.
    and HEllO is the best place to socialize.

  • Dear Friends

    any one knows about the forum where we can get help for jobs and space for internship in ISPS working in lahore…..if nothing then please creat a blogs and invites the emplyees of these ISPS and help for jobless……..Thx

  • i hve not witnessed change in my dsl connection…checked it several times but it is still 1mbps for quite some time and they are charging the same……

  • i live in pasni. and here internet connections are so slow. i request to ptcl company plz give dsl service in pasni,balochistan as soon as possible.

  • i use linkdot dsl and pay 1000 per month. Could i get any concession ,mean to say,i use internet for only two hours in a day becuase i live busy so could they give me only 60 hours per month (at 400 hundred rps )i can afford this pakage if they give me..

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