Pakistani ISPs amongst most Inexpensive in World

A fellow at WiredPakistan did some Googling and found that Pakistanis enjoy very in-expensive broadband internet when compared to other parts of world. Though there are instances in Pakistan, where customers are not happy with link or customer support at times, but guys this happens all over the world – whereever computer networks are involved, problems may come there.

For reference sake $20=PK Rs. 1600, $1=80.00 (Approximately)


9mbps for $45
1.5mbps for $30
768kbps for $20

Verizon USA

1mbps for $18
3mbps for $28

Also some indian ISPs :

Tata Indico in mumbai

512kbps for INR 1850
1mbps for INR 3850


512kbps for INR 1350


1Gbps for $56.50/mo


8Mbit Unlimited: 13.50 pounds.
24Mbit Unlimited: 17.50 pounds.

Clearly, Pakistan’s ISPs are offering very competetive rates – with 1 MB link for Rs 1200 or 15$ is ofcourse a great deal.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK