Do More or No More – Advertising Industry

“Another CV was recommended to the Creative Director for appointment, although the department was already full; ultimately the CV was considered to balance the work load and to enhance the performance of fellow workers” – we often used to witness such situations couple of years ago in advertising industry.

However, the scenario has changed by hundred and eighty degrees. Currently due to downsizing of advertising agencies, more then 300 well trained and experienced persons are jobless and the numbers may increase if the situation persists for longer period of time.

Those who are working are under pressure and agencies are exploiting unemployment by getting more and more work from their resources. It is commonly said that there is no time to leave the office but you must be in the office at sharp 900 am. The poor workers have no choice but to bear the burden of work and the situation.

On the other hand the jobless workers are now competing on the both ends; they have to accept the low wages and do more work than the previous one – while fresh workers are using their fresh blood with less experience but hard work and more time spending in the office. So now it is the survival of fittest as every one is pulling hard to remain in business.

A lot of people who were fired from agencies are from the art and marketing department. It is sad to note that during the last six months some such veteran designers were fired who had over 30 years of rich experience but they couldn’t compete in the growing competition of this private industry. As they have families and other social obligations so they have to suffer and the big guns of creative club can not do any thing for them. Although this club was created in the name of welfare of these creative gun but it was just to have higher rates with changing workers and put pressuring the owners through this club.

One of the worst things in advertising is that it has no voice in the world of business. Journalists have their associations and clubs, traders have their own organisations but through out country advertising agencies workers are not accepted and regularised through any body which could look into their matters.

Anyone can hire and fire any one, any time, any way – any day.

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