Where is LDN’s Double Speed that they Promised for?

After PTCL doubled Broadband speed for its customers, Link Dot Net immediately sent an email to all of its users and claimed that Link Dot Net will double its Broadband Speed for all of its subscribers (so that customers may not go away to PTCL).

It’s been two weeks now but there is no word yet from LDN. Today I called their helpline and asked about status, on which the guy told me to hold on for just a week. He said they are working, and may take 7-10 days for upgrade. Further he told me that speed for all subscribers will get doubled in a single go (not like PTCL, which upgraded accounts in groups).

I am sure Link Dot Net people are seriously working on this task – hopefully they won’t take longer or 1236 is an easy number to dial to get a PTCL connection; by the way some LDN users around me are already considering theiroptions.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK