PTA's Essay Writing Competition "Protecting Children in Cyber Space"

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is organizing an Essay Writing Competition and the topic is ” “Protecting Children in Cyber Space”


  • First prize Rs. 100,000/-
  • Second Prize Rs. 60,000/-
  • Third Prize Rs. 40,000/-

Where to Email your Articles?

Soft copies should be sent at [email protected] before April 21, 2009..!

Sample Article

Essay Format should be like this sample document (Sample can also be found on PTA’s website)


  • Essay shall be strictly limited to a minimum of 2000 and a maximum of 5000
  • words in accordance with sample document given above or available at PTA’s Webiste
  • Essay shall be sent in electronic format through email at : [email protected]
  • Essay will be accepted only in editable MS Word Format.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and shall lead to disqualification.
  • References shall be notified as mentioned in the sample document mentioned above and placed at PTA website.
  • Last date for submission of essay is 21st April, 2009. No essay will be processed after the due date.
  • Note: The essay should be written by one author only. The name of the author should be mentioned on the document along with Contact no (Preferably mobile no.), email address and postal mail address.
  • Prize winner may be invited to attend the seminar arranged by PTA through special invitation.
  • For all correspondences send email at: [email protected]


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    do u people know how to do these settings coz i aint getting a grip on how to set type area coz a4 itself is type area. whats inside and outside

  • The type area should be 12.2 cm wide by 19.4 cm high. The margins should be set for A4 paper size such that: inside 4.4 cm, outside 4.99 cm, top 5.1 cm, bottom 3.44 cm using page setup option under File menu.
    do u people know how to do these settings coz i aint getting a grip on how to set type area coz a4 itself is type area. whats inside and outside

  • Far away from Indonesia I try to participate this competition. Good luck for all!

  • Aoa

    I want to conratulate the winners!

    “Winners should be invited on 17 May Programm”

    But Now I am feeling this nothing but Fraud like other online competitions…. They Just get an in put from People….!
    No Results…..No Rewards….!!!

  • Please email or contact the following address for the announcement of results. I have also sent emails. I need your associations to have a quick result. So contact here.

    Nasir Ali Khan
    Dy.Director (Enforcement-Coord)
    PTA HQs F-5/1, Islamabad.
    Ph Off: 051-9225336

    [email protected]

  • Seminar on protecting children in cyberspace held
    ISLAMABAD (May 18 2009). I guess the results were to be announced then and the winners were to be called in the seminar.

  • To
    All Dear Participants!

    “PTA should publish the names of winners on Net and in newspapers!!”

    Hundreds of participants are waiting but no results…

    We should write some thing to news papers against this fraud of PTA!

    They have wasted our time a lot…!

    I think PTA don’t want to give Cash Prizes to the Deserving participants (Winners)

    “Action Speak louder than words”….So do some thing!

  • Salam,
    PTA’s competition on ITU’s theme “Protecting Children in Cyberspace” was announced in April 2009. Being the compulsive writer that I am, I also wrote for it and then nothing happened, no results for a full year. Lo and Behold, on the 25th of June 2010 I got a call from PTA that my essay had been judged as the best. This was followed by a cheque of Rs 100,000. I have uploaded the article on my Blog, please follow the link to read it. Thanks and Bye. Nauman.

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