Ufone Must Pay Spectrum Administrative Fee or Face License Suspension: PTA

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has asked Ufone to pay Spectrum Administrative fee for year 2006, 2007 and 2008 with-in 30 days or its license will be suspended, told us a high level source at PTA.

Ufone has not been paying annual spectrum administrative fee since 2006 and as per PTA it is liable to pay Rs. 220 Million (Approx) for annual spectrum fee of three year, late payment fee is also included in this.

Source further revealed that PTA has been repeatedly asking Ufone to submit this fee through multiple communications, and in this regards, authority had sent a show cause notice to Ufone back in October 2008 – but all efforts went in vain; in response to that PTA has now finally issued a directive through which authority has asked Ufone to pay the fee with-in thirty days or face license suspension.

We had sent an email to Ufone’s spokesperson to have Ufone’s viewpoint on this, on which he responded that Ufone has received usual invoices from PTA and will handle these as per process.

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