Fake Nadra E Sahulat Centers Appearing Countrywide

Nadra E-Sahulat Centers are turning out to be a big scam in the country, as these centers collect utility bills and then wrap up their offices without submitting the dues to concerned departments, told us a high level official at Nadra.

Nadra has received more than 500 complaints against such fake E Sahulat Centers from Punjab and Sindh, source confirmed that these evil minded people got E-Sahulat Center license from Nadra and started collecting utility bills, however, they close their offices after 15/20 days and never appear again in the vicinity; though they look for another area to start operating such centers.

According to the sources 35 illegal and un-authorized E- Sahulate Centers were reported from Lahore, 20 from Multan, 7 from Bhakkar and 9 from Karachi.

It may be recalled that Nadra had launched E-Sahulate centers in different part of country to expand the e-business especially in the urban areas. Like Kiosk, Nadra E-Sahulat Centers are also providing facilities like collection of utility bills, easy load and scratch cards of all phone companies, verification of CNIC of any person.

E-Sahulat Centers are part of franchise network which is providing above facilities to customers. Anyone, who is matriculate and can operate computer can apply for the license in areas where internet is available. The applicant has to pay minimum 20,000/-. The applicant should have a shop at any focal point.

Currently, over 2000 E Sahulat centers are operating in the country. Interestingly, NADRA never advertised this facility which was aimed for the jobless educated youth. However, in the second phase, one or two ads were published to offer this facility in urban Sindh, mostly in Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukker.