Successful Operations of 789 by Warid Contact Center

Warid Telecom, the country’s most popular cellular service in its continued efforts as a responsible organization, has proved to be at the top in successful implementation of PTA’s new pre activation regime. Effective from 1st of Feb 2009, all Warid new prepaid SIMs are being activated only when the subscribers dial 789 & have their personal data verified (in compliance with NADRA). The huge network of Warid sales channels that includes franchise and retail are selling inactive SIMs from 1st February 2009.

Warid has taken all the measures to ensure full compliance as required by PTA and the Contact Center is undoubtedly doing a commendable job to provide uninterrupted service for activation of new SIMs through 789. Since customer satisfaction has always been the top priority of the company, thus Warid is striving to provide its valued customers with a hassle free and pleasant experience.

Warid has one of the largest distributions channel and Contact Center network in the country, allowing it to offer wide accessibility and exceptional customer services across Pakistan. The successful launch of 789 by Warid Contact Center is a milestone achieved by both PTA and Warid. It will certainly help reducing the sales of illegal SIMs and will be a positive step to decrease the crime rate in the country.