Pakistani Students to Benefit from Technology and Business Training Program

Seven leading universities in Pakistan have affliated the Oracle Academy and have integrated its Advanced Computer Science and Enterprise Business Applications programs with their IT curricula, enabling their students to have access to world-class technical curriculum and gain hands-on experience with Oracle’s industry-leading database, middleware, and applications software.

Participating universities include FAST National University; NUST School of Engineering and Computer Science; International Islamic University, Islamabad; Institute of Space Technology; Institute of Business Administration; Beacon House National University; and Mohammad Ali Jinnah University.

The Oracle Academy provides a complete portfolio of software, curriculum, hosted technology, faculty training, and certification resources to higher education institutions. Every faculty can affix these resources into computer science and business programs for the enhancement of industry-relevant skills prior to workforce expertise with guaranteed future of the students.

“The Oracle Academy will provide a competitive edge, especially to students pursuing degrees in Computer Science, Management Information Systems (MIS), and Business. These students will be capable to develop highly marketable skills and industry knowledge prior to entering the workforce,” said Dr. Sayeed Ghani, Associate Dean, Faculty of Computer Science, Institute of Business Administration.

“The Oracle Academy helps bridge the gap between industry and academia by offering cutting-edge technology that allows faculty and students to upgrade their professional skills. The program efficiently combines theoretical concepts with practical, hands-on knowledge of advanced tools and technologies,” said Dr. Anwar Majeed Mirza, Head of the Computer Science Department, FAST National University.

“The Oracle Academy offers a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn both business and IT skills. Through this program, students will learn to design and implement databases that support critical business functions,” said Mr. Rizwan Ur Rashid, Chairman, Department of Computer Science, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University.

“The Oracle Academy provides Pakistani students to have access to training opportunities needed for 21st century careers,” said Ms. Samina Rizwan, Oracle Regional Director, SAGE West. “These students will help meet the increased demand for a skilled IT workforce in our country.”

Students who participate in the Oracle Academy in order to develop vital business and technology skills, gaining a competitive advantage as they prepare to enter the global workforce of the 21st century.

The Oracle Academy, which partners with secondary and higher education institutions to prepare students for 21st century careers, is one example of how Oracle finds meaningful intersections between the needs of society and the goals of its business. Currently, over 655,000 students in 86 countries benefit from their participation in the Oracle Academy.

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