3G Technology – Social Viewpoint

There has been quite hue and cry about upcoming 3G technology. It has been learnt that Telenor is pursuing it aggressively. But in the view of social perspectives, I fear there would be bad impacts upon the society. I may be wrong in my so-called conservative thinking or narrow-mindedness, but only time will tell…

Socially, we are backward nation. We are fighting over educating the girls and killing people over love marriages. I fear that once we get this new technology, we will see more negative usage of technology in future. In recent past history, we have witnessed the worst kind of privacy issues, concerning hidden cameras and recordings and it’s still out there as a cancer in ill-minded people. People like to use technologies for instance, transferring of video streams online.

Nation will transfer to Paparazzi Nation. Video calls will be the next agenda of youth during nights – maybe we get video night packages and more with 3G coming in. Media in fight over I-Showed-the-clip-first will make people the sick news hungry and this will create more tensions and anarchy in society. What if media people start giving money to the people who provide them with video streams. You can smell the rat by now!!!

I am not against technology… I love technology; but I stress upon the limits and privacy concerns. We don’t have any laws if someone breaches our privacy. There is cyber terrorism law but who cares to go to police station to file a report when you are threatened by cyber criminals. I stress upon rules and regulations to punish someone who wants to transfer video streams. They should be charged under strict laws of cyber crimes. They should be centrally logged that who transfer the video first. If someone’s privacy is assaulted, there should be easy mechanism to lodge a complaint. I request to PTA to look into this matter first and then issue licenses.

    • @Zia!!
      Every bit of it is clear, logical and understandable, pl elaborate what is not clear.

    • Video calls will be the next agenda of youth during nights – maybe we get video night packages and more with 3G coming in.

      If you can just think over this statement .. i hope you will come to the conclusion…

      I am looking forward to LTE which is more advanced but i stress for aggressive policy against negative usage of technology.

  • No doubt your opinion regarding the video transfer during a phone call is quite true. But please don’t limit the 3G technology to video transfer only. might it be possibly used exclusively for the sake of high speed wireless internet.
    Furthermore there are a number of services that are waiting for 3G for their implementation.e.g huge size attachments’ downloadings in a cell.

    • as i mentioned earlier, i am not against technology.. i mentioned, i am looking forward to LTE. This is great service.. single episode of Prison Break in couple of minutes,my God!!! :)
      But, i stress for Privacy Policies, i stress for limits, i stress for following social norms…

  • All the points you mentioned in this article are true, and valid. But .. What can be done about it?

    We don’t make laws. We’re individuals. Responsible for our own individual selves. How can we work towards implementing any law? (a law that’s not there! Besides being on paper)

    • That’s what i stress upon always.. their should be a complain and suggestion center of PTA where we can follow the rules and regulations and can give our ideas.

      People like you Uni can make difference.. let your friends know , let your family know about this concern.. let the hype get created.. and you can then feel the difference. Take the first step and we will follow.. more like save the judiciary campaign :)

  • Yes, technology itself isn’t bad; its people’s use which makes it good or bad. But on the other hand, we should remember that we can not stop eating just because there is a chance of being choked! In my opinion, people should not be deprived of advantages of 3g technology.

  • I think The upcoming 3G services will bring great revolution in the world of communication.3G infrastructure in poor countries like ours is a great gift for all of us. faster the communication is, more advanced the nation is.
    We are looking forward to the 3G technology.

    • Shan, there is already work going on 4G.. 3G is still in progress of deployment world over.

      But just how come faster communication can make the nations advance?


    I’M Fully agree with u, But who consider ur grievances.There r Many people as well as Policy makers who couldnt even understand the Matter.I think mr.shan must have to learn n think. peoples and socities r not responsible/sensible as a whole.MEDIA,OPION MAKERS,INTLACTUALS guide them then the socity develope its views.We dont like to do MBBS But wants to operate as a surgen.we r happy as a thecnology user not a creater.So keep it up to show the true pic.


    sorry 4 bad english

    • Dear Hidden Eyes,

      i am also 100% agreed with your thoughts because as a part of telecom industry we are already facing many social problems regarding the GHANTTA packages of different companies.

      • I agree… GHANTA Package..lol
        Suba to theek ha,, yae raaat walay package band honay chaheye… New generation of Pakistan is screwed.

  • Yes dEar yoU are 100% rYt… nYt pakagEs alrEady paralyse oUr studies… think for a moment… if this technology is going to introduce… then surely it,ll be v helpfull to empty classrooms….

    *soory for bad english-:)

  • I agree…

    In addition, there should be ban on night packages, so that our youth does not use the technology negatively. There should also ban on MMS, as videos can be floated via them too. Thinking about it, why not ban cameras and camera phones totally?

    Discussions and views like this were around when internet first came in. There were, and still are negative uses, however, the benefits we get from are far more useful.

    We should move forward, not backwards.

    • I would love to enjoy my high speed net on the way on motorway.. i would love to contact my family via video call all the time… i would love to sit in “chichoon ki malian”and watch Prison Break streaming online!!!

      Point is still there.. authorities need to step up for youth positive policy…

  • I am happily surprised that in Pakistan corporate world, some one may even think of social responsibilities.

    From an individual no t ocorporate leadership can come up with ways to use technology to the benefit of the society. Certainly you cannot gag, do not ban technology, do want to make money with new technology, etc. So what do we do???
    In my opinion coprorate/marketing should set aside some budget to educate people in regards to privacy. It can be quotes from Greek philosopher to Qur’an. Only education will assist resisting negative use of technology. Of course you cannot control any one or every one. For those who insist on exercising their right, must be made aware that for every action there will be a price through corporate law.


  • Hello, I respect your thinking
    All i want to say is
    we already have TV, CDS, DVD, Camera Phone, Spy Gajgets, WEBCAMS, internet vdo chat, DSL, then why not 3G?
    evey technology has its negative side as wel as positive,
    thats what i think
    Take care

  • Agree with u but if 3G service will not launched.we cannot compete other countries in technology.

  • well, i dont agree with the article which seems to be againts 3G technology, well i admit that we are backward people but can you tell me, why dont you block mobile phones because now a days all prostitution, kidnapping all bad things are cell phone dependent, CPLC is no more valueable is releasing kidnapped cases because they only contact by cell phone and change their location so frequently that no body can catch them,, the reason for giving you this lesson is that everything can be use in both purposes, You can watch XXX movie on your DVD device or you can watch Discovery, news channels, movies etc, its all upto you, so my dear its not 3G which can be hamrful to our ppl but there are a lot of things which you cannot stop. its going to be a nececity of life not the luxury,, i mean it.

  • I would love to re-quote myself.. I am not against Technology.. m against the non-presence of policy. I stress upon the policies for all the technology usages.. We can somehow stop the negativity..

    you can watch all the stuff here and there.. these days its common on roads too,if you understand what i mean.. but anyone would personally love not to be streamed online via spycam at any private moment of his/her personal life…

  • well why dont you suggest some policies which you think can produce positivity in society, people are welcome to talk over this issue

  • gimme sometime to think over it.. i will try to show up with something for better lot..

  • ” If someone’s privacy is assaulted, there should be easy mechanism to lodge a complaint.”

    excellent suggestion.

  • actually i dont think that its any use worrying abt negative usage. The youth already has many gadgets like web cams and other stuff for video calls nd sharing media content. making hidden vids and stuff is still common because even cell fones now can do that.

    but surely steps shuld be taken to stop -ve uses.

  • 3G is the start man, the world is using 3.5G and testing 4G, we are very very slow in the race, rather we are not even in the race, ask your minister Khosa about 3G and the answer may surprise you.

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