3G Technology – Social Viewpoint

There has been quite hue and cry about upcoming 3G technology. It has been learnt that Telenor is pursuing it aggressively. But in the view of social perspectives, I fear there would be bad impacts upon the society. I may be wrong in my so-called conservative thinking or narrow-mindedness, but only time will tell…

Socially, we are backward nation. We are fighting over educating the girls and killing people over love marriages. I fear that once we get this new technology, we will see more negative usage of technology in future. In recent past history, we have witnessed the worst kind of privacy issues, concerning hidden cameras and recordings and it’s still out there as a cancer in ill-minded people. People like to use technologies for instance, transferring of video streams online.

Nation will transfer to Paparazzi Nation. Video calls will be the next agenda of youth during nights – maybe we get video night packages and more with 3G coming in. Media in fight over I-Showed-the-clip-first will make people the sick news hungry and this will create more tensions and anarchy in society. What if media people start giving money to the people who provide them with video streams. You can smell the rat by now!!!

I am not against technology… I love technology; but I stress upon the limits and privacy concerns. We don’t have any laws if someone breaches our privacy. There is cyber terrorism law but who cares to go to police station to file a report when you are threatened by cyber criminals. I stress upon rules and regulations to punish someone who wants to transfer video streams. They should be charged under strict laws of cyber crimes. They should be centrally logged that who transfer the video first. If someone’s privacy is assaulted, there should be easy mechanism to lodge a complaint. I request to PTA to look into this matter first and then issue licenses.