Caution: PTCL’s Internet is not Free Anymore

It is quite often in Pakistan that companies withdraw services or increase tariffs without notifying customers. Here this has happened again, PTCL’s Phone n Net services, which were previously free, is now charged at Rs. 2 per 20 minutes pulse from May 16th, 2008, meaning that internet will be of Rs. 6 per hour.

Official link to new rates is here

And all this happened without any advertisement, alert, notification but merely a press release placed at a deep link on PTCL’s website.

Want to check press release, click here

Effective from May 16th the charging of PTCL Phone n net will be in-line with prevailing industry tariff in Pakistan which is Rs. 2 per 20 minutes pulse, says the PR.

Now again coming back to boldness of telecom companies in Pakistan, mashAllah they are afraid of no one. PTA, government, customers or whatever, they are beyond the reach of anyone.

By the way, PTCL is already in court, and it won’t be a surprise for me if they remain there for their next lawsuit over their current deed.

And one more thing, i have seen cases before, when companies increase their tariffs and give advertisements after 4/5 days (after ProPakistani highlights them), and then they come back to us asking for appending the posts, for those, please start advertising such tariff hikes before they actually surface to avoid such situations.

So guys, spread the word around to avoid any shocks in shape of hiked bills next month.

Thanks to Salman for sending us this Post

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