Caution: PTCL’s Internet is not Free Anymore

It is quite often in Pakistan that companies withdraw services or increase tariffs without notifying customers. Here this has happened again, PTCL’s Phone n Net services, which were previously free, is now charged at Rs. 2 per 20 minutes pulse from May 16th, 2008, meaning that internet will be of Rs. 6 per hour.

Official link to new rates is here

And all this happened without any advertisement, alert, notification but merely a press release placed at a deep link on PTCL’s website.

Want to check press release, click here

Effective from May 16th the charging of PTCL Phone n net will be in-line with prevailing industry tariff in Pakistan which is Rs. 2 per 20 minutes pulse, says the PR.

Now again coming back to boldness of telecom companies in Pakistan, mashAllah they are afraid of no one. PTA, government, customers or whatever, they are beyond the reach of anyone.

By the way, PTCL is already in court, and it won’t be a surprise for me if they remain there for their next lawsuit over their current deed.

And one more thing, i have seen cases before, when companies increase their tariffs and give advertisements after 4/5 days (after ProPakistani highlights them), and then they come back to us asking for appending the posts, for those, please start advertising such tariff hikes before they actually surface to avoid such situations.

So guys, spread the word around to avoid any shocks in shape of hiked bills next month.

Thanks to Salman for sending us this Post

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  • haha, I am quite amused at this piece of news! Back when LDN started the ‘Free Dialup’ offer, they clearly mentioned that customers will be charged Rs. 2 per 20 minute pulse and everyone went berserk in the forums that that was not ‘free’. I call that at least being upfront and honest about it. PTCL, which boasts of having the technology, the outreach and the infrastructure has now gone and done the same that ISPs like LDN were BOUND to do because they needed to pay PTCL their due charges. It is shameless and proves several people’s point: just because you are big doesn’t mean you can’t be petty.

    – A very unimpressed and angry customer

    • LDN offers free Dial-up for all.
      you can experience the Dial-up service without any fee or hidden charges.
      username: wol
      password: wol
      Dial 13131313.
      And the best thing ever………download WOL Super Speed to get 5 times faster service and enjoy the free dialup.

  • thanx safdatr for sharing this news i did’nt know that can u tell me where to download the wol super speed software i search through google but could’nt find it.
    kindly tell the url to download from

  • Why would any one sane go for PTCL in the first place. They have a very old reputation which they keep up. Just imagine the mentality of people sitting at the top making such decisions in organisations.

  • It the badest thing i notice with all firms/companies that they make changes without notification .. It means customer has no rights. And now many ppl will shocked after seeing bill that phone n net is not free anymore and company will take revenue advantage.

    Customer must has rights.

  • PTCL’s line is always ‘server not responding’ but I do get connected on the WOL info and number.

  • PTCL should advertize the charging of Phone & Net service.
    They should advertize in the same media , all the newspapers and channels where they advertized that this service is FREE. This is a deceptive approach, then again what can you expect from PTCL

  • thnx u all i didnt know that ptcl net is nott free i was ussing it for a while

    soo there is a free net u can use it freely
    User name is:brain
    Password is:brain
    and phone number is :13145679
    use and enjoy
    and once again thank u all
    GOD bless u all


  • Brain net—- The worst dial up ever… same as that of PTCL.
    As a back up WOL is best,
    Username: WOL
    Pass: WOL
    Number: 13131313

  • salam,i m new one here and i wanna ask that users have told about it quite free?or any hidden charges in ptcl bill?

  • Assallam-U-Alaikum
    Dear sir:
    Mujhay ye maloom karna hay k ptcl k internet charges kia hayn dial-up net k.
    kindly reply me on my email address
    [email protected]

    Arshad from KARACHI

  • HI,

    Mujhe yeh maloom karna hai k gol ka internet free hai ya nhi

    user,gol pass,gol, dialup number,13199199

    aur haan plz reply me at [email protected]

    aur yeh wol ka i think free hai ????

  • hey guys can someone explain what is wol or brian i cant understand about what these guys are talking about is username and password is used in routers config. settings or some where else

  • salam to all friends,

    app jo bhi number use karin Dailup mein, lekin PTCL ka Bill to 1300 yaa 1400, hi aaey ga na is
    se to DSL achha hai

    best regards,

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